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  • “Global stock markets took a battering yesterday as Greece struggled to seal a €130bn (£108bn) bailout and investors took fright at more signs of faltering growth among the world’s fastest-growing economies. The rout sent London’s FTSE 100 plunging 1.9 per cent to 5765.8 – its biggest one-day fall for more than two months – in a turbulent session for equity markets. Shares in France, Germany and Spain took even bigger punishment with falls of more than 3 per cent as jitters over global growth gripped dealing rooms and put Wall Street on the back foot.”
  • “His great-grandfather was India’s first prime minister. His grandmother was the country’s first – and thus far only – woman leader. And his father was the nation’s youngest leader. But yesterday Rahul Gandhi, the flag-bearer of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty that has ruled the world’s largest democracy for most of its 65 years of independence, was forced to accept responsibility for a humiliating defeat as his Congress Party was trounced in state elections that many saw as a referendum on him as a future leader.”
  • “Russia’s nascent opposition movement clashed with police in Moscow’s central Pushkinskaya Square as they protested Sunday’s presidential election results. But in a sign that the movement may be losing momentum, Monday’s gathering was significantly smaller than protests before the vote, which awarded another presidential term to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.”
  • “Hundreds of thousands of people living along the US Gulf Coast have hung their economic lives on lawsuits against BP. Fishermen, in particular, are seeing their way of life threatened with extinction – both from lack of an adequate legal settlement and collapsing fisheries. One of these people, Greg Perez, an oyster fisherman in the village of Yscloskey, Louisiana, has seen a 75 per cent decrease in the amount of oysters he has been able to catch.”
  • “The world’s most notorious computer hacker has been working as an informer for the FBI for at least the last six months, it emerged on Tuesday, providing information that has helped contribute to the charging of five others, including two Britons, for computer hacking offences.”
  • “Syria has again refused to allow aid into the destroyed suburb of Homs amid mounting evidence of human rights abuses, including the torture of victims at a hospital inside the city. A defiant President Bashar al-Assad said he was determined to go on fighting what he called ‘foreign-backed terrorism’.”
  • Robert Fisk: “Is Homs an echo of what happened in Srebrenica?”
  • “A Tibetan youth has burned himself to death in southwestern China, the third self-immolation in three days, in what overseas Tibetan rights groups said reflects growing resentment against China’s policies in the Tibetan areas. Dorjee, 18, died after he set himself ablaze in Aba county in Sichuan province on Monday in protest at China’s policy on Tibet, human rights organisations Free Tibet and International Campaign for Tibet said.”
  • “The American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, also known as AIPAC, and similar pro-Israel organisations have been actively encouraging students from black and Hispanic-majority universities to promote the U.S.-Israel relationship and fight claims that Israel is an apartheid state. Critics say these tactics, known as ‘blackwashing’, are an attempt by Israeli interest groups to thwart human rights critics.”
  • “The pilot tried for the third time to land the plane. Wind and rain lashed us from all sides. The plane swayed a bit, then banked sharply to the left and dropped. But this time we made it. There were no runway lights, no radar, no instrument landing system and, to be frank, no real runway – just a long clearing surrounded by thick jungle. Later the young pilot would tell us the first two attempts get the plane down failed because he could not see the runway.”

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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