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Israel’s Best Friend

Proving the age-old adage that even a blind squirrel will find a nut from time to time, the Mustache of Wisdom opined today…

Israel’s Best Friend

The only question I have when it comes to President Obama and Israel is whether he is the most pro-Israel president in history or just one of the most.

Why? Because the question of whether Israel has the need and the right to pre-emptively attack Iran as it develops a nuclear potential is one of the most hotly contested issues on the world stage today. It is also an issue fraught with danger for Israel and American Jews, neither of whom want to be accused of dragging America into a war, especially one that could weaken an already frail world economy… {snip}

…Reports from the Aipac convention this week indicated that those advocating military action were getting the loudest cheers. I’d invite all those cheering to think about all the unintended and unanticipated consequences of the Iraq war or Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon. That’s not a reason for paralysis. It’s a reason to heed Obama’s call to give diplomacy and biting sanctions a chance to work, while keeping the threat of force on the table.

If it comes to war, let it be because the ayatollahs were ready to sacrifice their whole economy to get a nuke and, therefore, America — the only country that can truly take down Iran’s nuclear program — had to act to protect the global system, not just Israel. I respect that this is a deadly serious issue for Israel — which has the right to act on its own — but President Obama has built a solid strategic and political case for letting America take the lead.

So… Friends don’t let Friends drive Drunk, right…?

Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs, U.S. official says…

Top administration source says Obama instructed Defense Secretary to work with Defense Minister Barak, to give all due consideration to the request for purchasing GBU-28 bombs, advanced refueling aircraft…

Wtf…? Even Shrub knew better than to hand Bibi that loaded revolver…!

And, as if ya needed anymore proof that it really is an AIPAC (bought-and-paid-for) Bipartisan push to Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran…! Here’s Sen. Carl Levin recently…

…Levin, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, made his remarks to reporters Tuesday after meeting privately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Michigan Democrat said Tehran was violating a half-dozen U.N. resolutions. He said that as long as Iran refuses to open up its uranium enrichment facilities to U.N. inspections and refuses to stop the nuclear processing, “then I would say an attack on them by Israel is very likely.”

Ya think…?

Israel push on Iran included a steady dose of media leaks

“I hope you don’t have any questions after this. I hope it is clear that Iran is working toward building a nuclear bomb,” he told the departing reporters.

Within days, accounts of Agent 83’s story appeared in articles across the U.S. and Europe — Iran had advanced technological understanding of the workings of a nuclear weapon. It was one of dozens of “exclusives” on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, the majority of which had originated with Israeli sources.

Such access to Israeli experts for international journalists has been critical to spreading Israel’s view that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. In recent months, talk of Iran’s nuclear ambitions has fueled the Republican presidential campaign, served as the backdrop for this week’s meeting between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and earned a pledge from Obama on Sunday that the United States would resort to military means if necessary to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.

Israeli officials acknowledge that the widespread acceptance in the West that Iran is on the verge of building a nuclear weapon isn’t based just on the findings of Israeli intelligence operatives, but relies in no small part on a steady media campaign that the Israelis have undertaken to persuade the world that Iran is bent on building a nuclear warhead.

“The intelligence was half the battle in convincing the world,” an Israeli Foreign Ministry official told McClatchy, speaking anonymously because he was not authorized to discuss the inner workings of Israel’s outreach on the topic. “The other half was Israel’s persistent approach and attitude that this was not something the world could continue to ignore.”

The official had recently returned from a trip to Washington and marveled at how the topic has become a major one in the United States. “U.S. politicians were falling over each other to talk about Iran,” he said. “In some ways, that is a huge success for Israel.”

Apparently a smashing success, even…!

Now, is it really… US and Israel: Good cop/bad cop on Iran…?

Even McClatchy seemed to be fooled today…

Israelis express relief at lack of news from Washington meetings

Speeches given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama that focused almost exclusively on Iran and its nuclear program broke little new ground in Washington this week. For some Israelis, that was a relief.

“If Obama had gotten up there and said that the U.S. would support Israel in a war, if he had publicly said the U.S. was drawing up plans, I would be worried. I would also have been worried if the Israelis said something about going it alone,” said Shaul Nussbaum, who closely followed the events from his home in Tel Aviv. “But as it stands neither said anything new, so it doesn’t seem like we’re going to war anytime soon.”

Not far from Nussbaum’s home is a site where dozens of Grad missiles hit central Israel during the first Gulf War in 1991. Nussbaum, 32, remembers the events well.

“We’re not on the periphery here, and we aren’t used to rockets from Gaza or Lebanon. War would be traumatic,” he said… {snip}

…But this year, Netanyahu and Obama showed a civil, if not entirely united, front to the cameras. That was by design, a Netanyahu adviser told McClatchy before the visit. The adviser spoke only under the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

“We all know the progress Iran has made towards building a nuclear weapon,” said the adviser. “This is a time where we need to be on the same page as our strongest allies.”

Bombs away…!

Btw, let the Iranians do their own thang… Topless Iranian Women ‘Say No To Political Islam’

God Speed, Gals…!

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