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Sarah Palin sets her word salad shooter mouth to chiffinade and fires that sucker up:

After declining to reveal to a CNN reporter which 2012 candidate she voted for, Palin said in a later interview with a Fox News host that she had cast her ballot for “the cheerful one.”

“I knew you [were] going to ask me that and I am just the poorest politician-sounding pundit. It’s tough for me to spin out of a question like that when it comes from a Fox reporter. If it comes from another reporter, I can spin out of it but since it came from you, I will tell you,” Palin, a paid Fox News contributor, told Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network.

“Who can best bust through that radical left’s kind of dispensation and desire to mistreat those who are defenseless, mistreat those who perhaps have some disadvantages by making them more beholden to government? Who best can contrast themselves from that?” she continued. “I thought who best could do that [and] my own personal opinion is, the cheerful one, is Newt Gingrich. I have appreciated what he has stood for, stood boldly for.”

Maybe Rick Santorum was right about the fact that attending college is not for everyone. Or, in Sarah’s case, attending six or seven of them…

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