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US Officials Implore Obama to Resist Pressure For War

Col. Wilkerson brings up some very good points in that RT clip…!

Here’s the link to the full-page WaPoo ad…

Haaretz reported today…

Netanyahu tells Obama: I have yet to decide whether to attack Iran

U.S. president and Israeli premier agree to increase their coordination on Iran, in two hour White House meeting.

…During their meeting, Obama told Netanyahu that Israel and the United States have an identical goal with regard to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

“I have no intention of trying to contain the Iranian issue,” Obama reportedly told Netanyahu.

“I think that there’s time for diplomacy and in any case I am not taking any options off the table, including a military option.”…

…”When it comes to Israel’s security, Israel has the right, the sovereign right, to makes its own decisions,” Netanyahu said before the meeting. “My supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains the master of its fate.”

Obama agreed that Israel had the right to defend itself, adding, “I want to assure both the American people and the Israeli people that we are in constant and close consultation … and I intend to make sure that that continues during what will be a series of difficult months, I suspect, in 2012.”

Netanyahu told Obama he believed Iran’s leaders were determined to wipe out Israel.

“They mean it,” Netanyahu was quoted as saying to Obama. “If this will be resolved by diplomacy, great. But we have to prepare for the worst-case scenario. The pressure on Iran has indeed increased, but time is getting short.”…

…”We’ve succeeded in persuading the international community that this is a real threat to the whole world,” Netanyahu told journalists. “The positions I presented on the Iranian issue were accepted with understanding in the White House. What [Obama] said outside to the cameras is what he said to me during the closed meeting.“…

‘We’ve succeeded in persuading the international community that this is a real threat to the whole world’… you had best think again, Bibi…!

As the ever intrepid Pepe Escobar, reported…

Is Bibi the Bully wagging the American dog?

…No matter what the rhetorical gymnastics performed by Obama, a case can be made that Bibi the Bully wags the American dog full-time. Worse; the Likud-dominated Israeli administration, single-handedly, is playing with dispatching vast spheres of the global economy into total depression, as its hysterics progressively hurl oil prices towards the stratosphere.

The world is a hostage of Israel’s whims even as the 120-plus members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) support Iran’s right to enrich uranium and BRICS members Russia, China and India, as well as Turkey, dismiss the US and the EU’s oil embargo – a true declaration of economic war – on Iran.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) get-together in Washington takes place in an intimidating, cavernous Colosseum where the wealthy crowd ululates in unison for Iranian blood. A passable tactician but a lousy strategist, Bibi the Bully’s only game in town is “Bomb Iran”.

This is justified by the “existential threat” posed by non-nuclear Iran to a nuclear-armed garrison state/settler colony that is literally, graphically wiping a whole people (the Palestinians) off the map…

…Yet once again, the graphic proof that Israel exercises virtual complete control of US foreign policy was the sight of an American president defensively addressing the AIPAC Colosseum. Apart from a festival of Orwellian intimations, to his credit at least Obama emphasized the word “diplomacy”, did not specify any “red lines”, nor endorsed the mere “capability” of Iran to build a nuclear weapon as a casus belli. After all, he knows he already has more American Jewish voters in the bag than among the US electorate as a whole.

But ultimately Obama did cave in to Bibi the Bully – as the rhetoric was not unlike Tony Soprano’s and the ominous “military component” remained very much on the table

Btw, Do you suppose this might put a crimp in Bibi’s plans…? Iran to allow IAEA visit Parchin military site…

Anyways, have I ever mentioned that Morning Joe is a real dickhead…? Joe Scarborough implies General Dempsey unfit to lead joint chiefs…

Col. Lang had a few choice words for Scarborough…!

I’ll wrap up with Phil Giraldi’s excellent comment on Col. Lang’s thread…

That Obama is standing as firm as he is is a tribute to the pushback by the Pentagon and intelligence community. But it seems to me that the only thing that can actually stop Netanyahu is a firm statement that the US will in no way and under no circumstances get involved if Israel starts a war with Iran. Such a statement will not be forthcoming not only because it is an election year but also because Obama cannot relish a battle with AIPAC and its close supporters, which includes his own Chicago Mafia.

Bibi has to know that minus such a statement if he starts a war the US will get involved,dragged in by congress and the media over possible WH-Pentagon-CIA objections. But he might also be thinking in the long term and might want to replace Obama with a completely compliant Republican. That would mean delaying any attack while turning the Iran issue into a cause celebre to beat Obama over the head with prior to November using a friendly media and plenty of congressional voices from both parties. It would be interesting to see how some of the Dem congressman would line up. Tricky, but probably doable if Bibi wants regime change in the US.

God Help Us All…!

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