FDL Membership – A Journey I’ve Been A Part Of…..

I started reading FDL in 2006, first just reading the posts, getting my news-fix for the day, news I could trust. A website that gave me the facts so that I could discuss the issues with the people I met during my travels.

As time passed, I watched the FDL live-blogging of the Libby Trial unfold, changing the way “bloggers” were viewed as Journalists. FDL became a source for the facts on the Libby Trial. From that time, FDL live blogging became the standard for major events, either in Congress, protests, or natural disasters, for our members. Now FDL is livestreaming major events such as the White House/Quantico protests of the treatment of Bradley Manning, the White House protests of the XL Keystone Pipeline and the arrests, or Occupy encampments being evicted. FDL has a live journalist traveling and reporting on major events, Kevin Gosztola. He has been to trials, protests, news events, congressional hearings, Occupy protests, and livestreamed or blogged them all.

The outstanding FDL analysis of the financial crisis, by David Dayen, Cynthia Kouril, Scarecrow, and Masaccio, has been highlighted in the reporting of Nobel, Pulitzer, Loeb Award winning experts, and echoed on national television. What higher accolades are there than to be quoted by the world experts. This is the quality of the reporting by our staff and members.

Our members are an import part of the reporting and analysis; the MyFDL posts are as good as or better than the daily blogs on most websites. Our members are Citizen Journalists.

FDL can only do this because of the support from you becoming a Member today.

I have watched FDL members reaching out during major natural disasters, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and blizzards of the past year, and during man-made disasters like the BP Oil Spill, and Nuclear reactor failures in the world and at home. Reaching out with their hands and their donations. Being there to help their neighbors and to help their online neighbors. It is a community that when there is a call to action, our members are there. Speaking of calls to action, our members are the first to respond when asked to pick up the phone to call local and federal politicians on an issue. I have witnessed, live, a congressman say that when FDL puts out the word, his phones are jammed up. They get the message.

This is our annual call to action, we need your Memberships to continue the good works of our FDL Community. [cont’d]

I have had the pleasure to work with and to meet a lot of the FDL Members over the many years on the FDL Book Salon and now through OccupySupply. Every time I get to work with the Members (you), either in live chats, emails or on the phone, I always come away with a smile on my face because of your interest in the world and your big hearts. I actually brag about you to the Authors, and the word is out about what a great place FDL is for honest and lively discussions about all subjects. The Authors always say they had fun and enjoyed the chats with you, and ask to come back.

Your support of OccupySupply has changed lives and the politics of the nation. You have provided physical and emotional support to the Occupy encampments around the nation and world. Our Members are the Liaisons between the Occupy and FDL, without them OccupySupply could not reach all the Occupy locations. I have the opportunity to read the emails and thank you notes from the Occupy members, you are thanked everyday for giving them the ability to carry the Occupy Movement forward to the next phase. It can be a thank you for the warm, dry, clothing, in the middle of a snow packed encampment, to feel warm again.

FDL is a community that supports all it’s members, now we are asking the members to support FDL with your Memberships. The funds go to keep the lights on, our servers going, and the staff working.

If I had to put it in a few words:
FDL gets the news analysis right.

FDL gets the word out quickly.

FDL pushes the envelope by pushing politicians and policy makers.

FDL is ahead of the pack, looking at issues on the horizon instead of reacting to today’s news cycle.

FDL makes a difference with our actions – by providing our Members with the tools to do something, and has the community to support them.

Thank you for all your support last year – let’s do it again, bigger and better this year.