Marat Assassiné by Jacques-Louis David

You may recall that after Andrew Breitbart was assassinated by an elite squad of Black Panther Alinskyite Invisible Shaolin Warriors Of The Shadows, Local 138, his followers declared that they would rise up to become an unstoppable  hydra-headed legion of an army of a force of nature in the mold of Angry Andrew and that they would would continue his crusade for Constitutional Freedom with, I don’t know, acts of public drunkenness and yelling at people on the street I guess since that seemed to work for Andrew.

So when heir (or error) to Andrew Breitbart’s cracked crown, bitter twerp Dana Loesch found out that the hippies were attempting to overthrow Rush Limbaugh’s 1st Amendment right to have his anti-vagina childrens radio show piped to our Fighting Men and Ladies (who should not be slutting it up on our dime, I might add), well, Lil Loathsome Loesch rallied the troops to save Limbaugh’s boiled-encrusted behind from petition fascism;

Several readers sent along this link to a user-created petition calling on President Obama to kick Rush Limbaugh off the air. Admittedly, at first glance my thought was “whiskey tango foxtrot?”

Official White House Twitterer Jesse Lee explains:

I wondered then, if the White House petition site would allow for a petition asking the President to lay off Limbaugh (#LayOffLimbaugh?) or even better: a petition asking the President to stop infringing on the First Amendment by way of his HHS mandate.

So I created a petition. Everyone can make one, right? Sign and spread the word.

For those not wishing to get out the boat and enter Dana’s Jungle of Crazy, here is the text of her petition:

Ask President Obama to STOP Infringing On Religious Liberty with the HHS mandate.

The current protections for religious entities in the health care law are so limited, they provide inadequate protection for the freedom of religion for proprietors of said religious entities.

The HHS mandate would require faith-based institutions to provide contraception against the teachings of their faith. It’s different from a health care treatment as many institutions have well delineated exceptions: i.e. Georgetown provides birth control to women who require it for health reasons but not for contraception.

Employees are free to seek work elsewhere due to their beliefs but under the HHS mandate, employers are not entitled to the same freedom.

This is a clear violations of the protections afforded to the citizenry by way of the First Amendment.

Needless to say the White House servers are being overwhelmed with cries for justice and liberty from Andrew’s Angry Army of…

148 people.

Yeah. These people never were very big on enlisting…..

(Breitbart Photograph by Bryce Duffy for Time)



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