Another “smart” Idea?

When I start quoting myself in our public discourse, hilarity tends ensue.  Either that or it’s time to take a well-deserved vacation.  And perhaps, my vacation should’ve started yesterday, after reading the assorted crappola between Obama and Netanyahu. 

Regardless and in my response to Reddog, I said the following, relative to Iran, AIPAC and a whole host of comments responding to a thread created by our intrepid reporter David Dayen.  Consequently, for challenging the ever-present and risible endeavor and behavior of the Obama administration.

To wit, the following:


In this Middle East “Battle of the Juicers” either Iran or Saudi Arabia will be seen as the victor.

And how will this come about?

Since Ali Kamenei has announced that Iran has no desire or a want for nuclear weapons, Iran would be smart to “demand” that Israel emit their Schedule of Reduction and Eventual Elimination” of their nuclear weapons inventory.

If so, this puts the United States and Israel behind the proverbial eight ball. Obama would undergo an international embarrassment, requiring him to downgrade Israel’s diplomatic status with the United States.

Or, the “fall back” position is to commence selling nuclear weapons to the nation-states in the Middle East? Of course, the Saudis would side with Iran on Israel’s required “reduction and elimination” Program. And Europe would join-in with the Iranians and the Saudis. USA would quickly become the “joke” in this “odd-man-out” game.


And the question I have been posing for quite some time:  “Is Iran ‘smart’ enough to take the political lead and ‘challenge’ both the Conventional Wisdom and move the societal Common Sense forward and done on behalf of everyone willing to consider the reduction of nuclear weapons, writ large, is in everyone’s self-interest?”