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Membership Matters [Update: Don’t Miss Tonight’s Movie “8” and Member Party]

Update: Movie Night and Membership Party!  Watch “8” and Help Welcome New Members!

We’re planning to combine’s tonight’s movie, featuring the terrific play, “8” — about the Proposition 8 Trial and an all-star cast —  with a welcome party for all our current, new and about-to-become members.  So if you’ve been thinking about becoming a member of Firedoglake and haven’t signed up yet, this is a great time to do so.

The Left — and the Dissenting Middle — don’t have enough billionaires.

We don’t have the billionaires it would take to keep our wobbly infrastructure afloat over here.

We don’t have the billionaires devoted to correcting Legacy Media’s impression of American opinion. There aren’t enough sympathetic billionaires to ensure #Occupy movements have the tools and resources they need to continue the fight through the winter. We don’t have the billionaires we needto fund reportorial excellence on foreclosure fraud, torture, discrimination and bigotry, and the War on Women.

What we have is you.

You can help support these efforts and other Membership programs by joining Firedoglake Membership Today.

And we need lots of us, each doing our part, to be effective. Our opponents’ infrastructure — what we call Wingnut Welfare — goes on year after year, providing intellectual homes and paychecks for the people the right calls Thought Leaders: people whose Thoughts are Led by the availability of a conservative paycheck. There’s always a slot for some bigot to slide into, there’s always another podium for some bigoted preacher to spew hate from, there’s always another initiative effort to tuck away another telegenic hatemonger while the right waits for another faux-outrage to vent about.

Our side — if you can even really call it a side, it’s more simply Other Folks Who Know Better — does not have the resources, the backup, the fallback positions, the depth of field that the well-funded, deeply resourced, interconnected Right does. They’ve been at it longer, perceiving the threat to their wealth and privilege back when Richard Nixon was president (look up The Powell Report, go ahead, I’ll wait….)

Our side, of which Firedoglake is a critically important that has always fought about its weight, needs to set itself up to counter decades of corporate- and billionaire-funded infrastructure and Thought Leadership. We simply don’t have the billionaires to do it, it’s up to us, and corporations are unlikely to fund the movement that challenges their own citizenship, contributing to their lessened influence.

What do we have?

We have Members. Committed, recurring, involved, participating citizens who make their views known within the organization and outside of it. People who respond when a need is great, and who also understand that an organization like ours needs regular, continuing support. The basics need underpinning by our members, so that our leadership can devote itself to the effort and not the survival of Firedoglake. We need Members who provide ongoing basic support for the organization, around whom we can organize.

Money. Time. Commitment. Community. Passion.

This is what Firedoglake needs from our Members. This is what we’ve seen from the first year of Membership. And this is what we must continue to expand upon in order to broaden our reach and deepen our impact: a compact of citizens, working together to restore the democratic values of our republic.

Please join, if you have not yet.

Please consider a larger participation level, if you are already a member.

Please spread the word, and let like-minded people know about this place you’ve found, that you support, that gathers like-minded folks in common purpose.

Firedoglake Membership needs you, and your Membership matters, JOIN TODAY.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge