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  • “Police in Peru say they have captured a man they suspect of leading the Shining Path rebel group. They said Walter Diaz Vega had been reorganising the guerrillas after their previous leader, known as Comrade Artemio, was arrested last month. Mr Diaz was arrested in northern Peru.”
  • “The Red Cross has been unable to access the wrecked area of Baba Amr, in the Syrian city of Homs, for a third day. The agency said it had begun to hand out food and blankets to people who had fled Baba Amr to nearby areas. Syrian officials told the Red Cross that Baba Amr had to be cleared of booby traps, but activists said troops were carrying out reprisal attacks.”
  • “Lebanon is bracing itself for a new influx of Syrian refugees after up to 2,000 people fleeing the military onslaught in Homs were reported to be trying to reach the country’s northern border. ‘Between one and two thousand [Syrians] are in the process of coming from Syria to Lebanon,’ the UNHCR’s deputy representative in Lebanon, Jean Paul Cavalieri, told Reuters. ‘This is what we are hearing from our teams on the ground and local authorities’.”
  • Robert Fisk: “In my 1912 Baedeker guide to Syria, a page and a half is devoted to the city of Homs. In tiny print, it says that, ‘in the plain to the south-east, you come across the village of Baba Amr. A visit to the arcaded bazaar is worthwhile – here you will find beautiful silks. To the north of Homs, on a square, there is an artillery barracks…’ The bazaar has long since been demolished, though the barracks inevitably passed from Ottoman into French and ultimately into Baathist hands; for 27 days last month, this bastion has been visiting hell on what was once the village of Baba Amr.”
  • “The United Nations must urgently reform to stay relevant in a world facing unprecedented conflicts and is not fit for purpose, according to the president of the UN General Assembly. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, the 66th elected president, told The Independent that the ability of five countries to veto Security Council decisions was no longer credible and the outdated system was endangering international peace and security.”

  • “A Tibetan woman has set herself on fire in south-western China to protest against Chinese rule, a Tibetan rights group says. It was the latest in a series of self-immolations that signal growing unrest in the Tibetan areas of China. The incident came a day before China’s annual parliamentary session – an occasion often used by authorities to clamp down on potential sources of unrest and project political unity.”
  • TRNN: “Has Obama Challenged the ‘War On Drugs’ Asumptions? Pt1 of a debate on “What would a saner drug policy look like?” between Sean Dunagan, former DEA Analyst and Kevin Sabet, former Obama Admin. Adviser.” This is the first of a four-part series. Go here to access the following 3 parts.
  • Occupy Wall Street has ‘performed the remarkable service of calling out the name and address of the nation’s true unelected masters: corporate-financial capital and Wall Street.’ It was a truth whose mass acceptance was made possible, first by the meltdown of the banks, and then by President Obama’s refusal to deliver real ‘change.’ The First Black President’s brazen service to the ‘1%’ made clear the need for popular action outside the Democratic and Republican parties.”
  • “‘Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran!’ sings the AIPAC delegate, striding cheerfully through illegal Israeli settlements in his sharp tan suit. Granted, the settlements are three feet high and made of cardboard, part of a pop-up anti-war occupation outside the conference of Israel’s top lobbying group, where President Obama is due to speak. As another war in the Middle East begins to look feasible, Occupy has begun to focus its energies on foreign policy.”
  • “The scientist who has borne the full brunt of attacks by climate change deniers, including death threats and accusations of misappropriating funds, is set to hit back. Michael E. Mann, creator of the ‘hockey stick’ graph that illustrates recent rapid rises in global temperatures, is to publish a book next month detailing the ‘disingenuous and cynical’ methods used by those who have tried to disprove his findings. The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars is a startling depiction of a scientist persecuted for trying to tell the truth.”
  • “Nicolas Sarkozy is trailing France’s Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande in the latest poll of how the French intend to vote in the upcoming election. Separately, it has been reported that four conservative European leaders, including UK prime minister David Cameron, have an informal pact to ostracize Hollande in the lead up to France’s April presidential poll.”

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