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What Brings Michele Bachmann and Dean Zimmermann Together? Pods.

Even as Green Party folks rightfully chew out Mark Dayton for his acquiescing to the Vikings’ stadium blackmail — you know, the old “If you don’t give us money we’ll leave and then you’ll be a Cold Omaha bwahahahahahaha!” routine? — at least one prominent Green Party member, former Minneapolis councilmember Dean Zimmermann, has long been in bed with Republican congresscritter Michele Bachmann on a plan that would make the stadium outlay look like chump change.

I speak, of course, of their shared love for PRT — Personal Rapid Transit, or “pods”. This is a love that has endured despite Zimmermann’s conviction in 2006 for soliciting and accepting bribes from Gary A. Carlson, a local property developer.

Read this excerpt from the new book The Madness of Michele Bachmann to find out the story of their shared love for a concept that would suck billions from legitimate transit options and whose main appeal to suburban and exurbanites is based on not having to sit next to people whose skin tones aren’t the same as theirs.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the very well done Hiawatha Line — a legitimate mass-transit system that the Pod People did their worst to kill — is doing land-office business eight years since its inauguration, saving money compared to buses and increasing the property values of real estate along its path.

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