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Virginia Women to Virginia GOP: Now You’ve Made Us Angry. REALLY Angry.

In case Virginia’s governor Bob McDonnell thought the firestorm ignited by the vaginal-rape bill (which was altered to remove the vaginal-rape part but was sent to the governor still containing the medically-unneeded mandatory ultrasound part) was going to die down any time soon, he was sadly mistaken:

About 500 women’s-rights activists gathered on the grounds of the state Capitol today to protest legislation requiring an ultrasound before getting an abortion.

They planned to march to the Executive Mansion to protest House Bill 462 and other legislation proposed by the General Assembly that they see as an assault on women’s reproductive rights.

Many of the women wore red arm bands to show their support. Some carried signs that expressed sentiments like, “Gov. McDonnell Get Out Of My Vagina” and “Mind Your Own Private Parts.”

How did McDonnell react? By siccing cops in full riot gear on unarmed protesters, most of whom were women. (Gee, sounds like a typical raid on a typical Occupy site, doesn’t it?) Thirty-one persons were arrested: Seventeen women, fourteen men. You can watch what happened in the video above.

Note to Governor McDonnell: Arresting women’s-rights activists won’t make your little problem go away.

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