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Coming up: The Right’s Revenge For Hurting Rush

People everywhere have written about Rush, his comments and the actions taken to convince advertisers to leave. I could analyze which actions will and won’t work with Rush but I won’t. I’d bore myself writing that, what I want to do is talk about what is happening right now and in the next few weeks so we can prepare and act.

How will the Right Get its Revenge for Hurting Rush?

I’m going to slingshot around the Sun and go into the future and tell you what I see happening the weeks of  March 4-18th, 2012 around this issue.

1) Three bazillion pixels will be turned on defending Rush. They will tell us that he is “an entertainer” who has “apologized” and we should just “move on.” Besides he never technically called her a slut and, something something something, yargle bargle why should I pay for a woman having sex, especially if it’s not with me?”

2) Groups will decide to get Revenge for Rush with a boycott. Probable Targets?

  • Rachael Maddow
  • Keith Olberman (or Ed Schultz or any male in the ‘liberal media’)
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Rosie O’Donnell
  • Oprah
  • Sandra Fluke, her university, her future employers
  • The advertisers who pulled their ads from the Limbaugh show.

3) Other actions? Buycott! Rush will show advertisers who stuck with him how good that stance is for business. He will tell everyone to go buy something made by a sponsor. So since ProFlowers left he will get 1-800-Flowers as a sponsor and tell his listeners to use them for Mother’s day. Listeners response: See, you mess with Rush we go to your competition! Buycott! (I wonder what the slogan will be, “Buy flowers for your slutty mother!” Nah, maybe something like “Your mothers is a saint and never had sex except to create you! Show her your thanks with flowers!”

They will use forwarded email, talk radio, Facebook and maybe Twitter to organize these campaigns.

They want to show people, you do not Mess with Rush! You libs mess with his revenue stream, we will mess with yours! And reward the people who don’t stand by any principles. (BTW, this is why I always want advertisers to decide themselves that sticking to their values is important because then if they lose money short term they can say, we still did the right thing.)

The bad news is that some advertisers will run away under the, “See, we don’t take sides, we will pull our ads if a host says something that offends anyone!” even if that “offensive” comment is in line with their own values.

The good news is that some advertisers or organizations can see this coming, and prepare.

If someone wants to see one model of how to prepare you need to look at how the CEO of JC Penney responsed when threatened by a boycott by the anti-gay group calling themselves”One Million Moms” Watch his response here:

See Ellen’s response here:

4) How we can prepare for the next opportunity for action?

People need to keep tweaking their actions and reactions because not all situations are the same. We didn’t use exact same techniques on each hosts of KSFO. I was more effective on one type of host than another, we also had to play a longer game that most people have the attention span for.

So when we see the Rush Revenge response we can help the companies or people that they are targeting. If you are one of those organization or corporations please contact me at spockosemail at gmail. com. My non-profit fees are very reasonable although corporations should be expected to pay in gold pressed latinum.

(Seriously, I want to help good companies and organizations because the right will not use the Spocko Method with advertisers, they will use threats and bullying and boycotts to try and get their way. I’m a professional communications guy, besides a super nice pointy-eared Vulcan and I’ve got some experience in these matters.)


Edited 7:51pm to remove links to Ellen video and JC Penney Video CEO. Just in case they were the link that triggered the warning.

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