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Bill O’Reilly Is Done With Paying for Sex, You Hear? Done!

To the surprise of virtually no one, falafel aficionado and yesterday’s news Bill O’Reilly pointed out that he is not willing to pay for Sandra Fluke’s “active, healthy social life” by which he means her slutty slut slut sluttiness:

“…Sandra Fluke believes that all of us should pay for her sexual activities… I’m asking this with all due respect, I am. You want me to give you my hard-earned money so you can have sex? Is that what you’re asking for? Good grief.”


“What about the concerns of Americans, in general, now forced to buy health insurance who don’t want to pay extra for Sandra Fluke’s social decisions? …To (Fluke and her supporters), sex is a potential health crisis so American taxpayers should now be responsible for what goes on in everybody’s bedroom. I don’t think I can make it any more vivid. This is a freedom issue. My freedom as an American is being encroached upon. The Obama administration is trying to force me and you to pick up the tab for what people do in their private time.”

To be fair, Bill O’Reilly has already paid Andrea Mackris a substantial amount of money for not having sex with him, so it would be safe to say that, when it comes to sex money, Bill O’Reilly has already shot his wad.

I know. Ick.

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