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A LOOOOONNNG Day at Occupy Tucson After the Raid; and Then….as a Respite, 3 Articles Here at the Lake on……..Rush?

Really? That’s the best you guys can offer? Three posts up on the boards at one time about Rush Limbaugh? As if that putrescent gasbag drug addict piece of shit was even worth your time writing about, much less us spending our brief time in this life reading about? Relevant? Rush Limbaugh?  In case you haven’t noticed……..the house is on fire. After a long day of  lobbying Occupy Tucson participants to keep their eye on the prize after the raid, and attempting to ameliorate the stress of that raid, and forsaking any hopes of ANY of this coming easily, this?

Then…… top it all off……..I see Kelly Canfield inviting wendydavis, on OhioGringo’s thread…….. inviting her to leave. In my not so very fucking humble opinion wendydavis is the best progressive writer that this site has ever, or will ever hope to see, hands down, no fucking question (I have read Ian’s stuff but wasn’t here to see him on a comment thread). She also happens to be the most genuinely compassionate and seriously intensely empathetic person I have ever gotten to know. That fact has actually caused problems between she and I in the past, because I have not even come close, nor do I make any pretensions of having achieved, or even hoping to achieve, such a higher plane as that.

Canfield addresses her with a courtier’s smirk on his little punk face and informs her in his oh so smug and perfect diction that she is free to post wherever and whenever she wants?

Want to remain relevant FDL? Egnor, and now Canfield with their petty little compensatory run away ego driven tyranny ain’t gonna get it done. Just Fuckin’ Sayin’.

How was that one for civil discourse DW? You gonna weigh in in defense of wendydavis? Or are you gonna let this crappola gatekeeping bullshit continue unchallenged? Change is uncomfortable, non?

Stay Strong and Take Care of One Another.


The time has come now for honesty. Brutal honesty. In word and more importantly in deed. Unremittingly, unrepentant, unabashed, UNFORGIVEN.

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Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas