I wanted to say THANK YOU to over 30 people who became New Members this membership drive at Firedoglake. You are not only part of a successful membership drive, but are helping to ensure the sustainability of Firedoglake for years to come.

Become a member during our 2012 membership drive TODAY!

As many of you may know, I have taken a personal interest in the membership program at Firedoglake. I was here when we started planning for it, when we launched it, and for hours upon hours of board member meeting about new benefits we could offer. During this drive a couple of things have happened that really motivate me, things that couldn’t have happened this time last year.

1. Our amazing writers are talking about the work they completed with members all over the country. They have made even more connections this year.

2. Members are contacting me, willing to write a post about how they have enjoyed their membership and all the things they have learned over the past year.

3. There is a lot of emotion. Last year we were just talking about what we wanted to do, and who we were going to have on for webinars. This year we are talking about what we want to do better, what we did accomplish, and the amazing guest speakers that have taught us a lot of important strategies and lessons.

To see this program grow is a truly remarkable thing to me. Not because I did not think it would happen, but I always worry. It is like having a puppy, and for the first month its running around scared, going to the bathroom on your favorite rug, using your Salvatore Ferragamo’s as a chew toy. You’re thinking, “this might not work.” Then, in a just a few short months you have an amazing dog that is supportive, protective, and helping you to live a long and successful life.

Clearly we don’t think of our members as pets, but rather the membership program provides the same companionship, sense of support and motivation to push forward each and every day that many of us share with them. We’ve got an irreplaceable, unbreakable relationship with our members that we know will result in some pretty amazing triumphs going forward – and we look forward to growing our family to hopefully include you.

Join NOW and let me know in the comments below which speakers you would like to present on our webinars this year!

Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook