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Late Night FDL: Beware the Idiots of March

(cartoon by Ian D. Marsden)

It’s been frequently noted that throughout most of his political career, Barack Obama has been blessed by inept opposition.  But this is getting ridiculous.

It was already kind of embarrassing when the Republicans seemed content to gift-wrap their 2012 White House nomination to Mitt Romney, an alarmingly generic Hollywood caricature of a presidential candidate come to life (well, sort of).

But the demolition derby that has passed for the GOP primary campaign has made things worse by repeatedly refusing to surrender to Romney’s inevitability, turning longtime has-beens like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum into implausible contenders.

The legendary Charles Pierce noted for Esquire on Wednesday how utterly unsurprising it was that Santorum would (like Gingrich before him) botch his fleeting opportunity by melting down in the spotlight:

He couldn’t resist a chance to let his freak flag fly on the proper use of other people’s ladyparts and on his peculiar vision of what the separation of church and state actually means. He picked a fight with John F. Kennedy on the latter issue, which may be the most singularly stupid thing I’ve seen a candidate do in 50 years. And last night, after spending a month channelling Pius XII, according to the exit polls, he lost decisively among Catholic voters to a Mormon bishop.

So, after such a vivid demonstration of what a losing issue sexual/moral intolerance is for Republicans, you’d have to figure the party started coming to its senses, right?   Hahaha, you silly person, not this Republican party, no sir!

Instead — despite right-wing consultants timorously warning that “Republicans being against sex is not good” — what we got was the GOP’s most prominent media figure, Rush Limbaugh, launching a multi-day jihad proclaiming a Georgetown law student (who had the temerity to testify before Congress in favor of health insurance coverage for birth control) to be a “slut.”  As Democrats gleefully sought to capitalize, the furor over an egotistical celebrity like Limbaugh attacking an unsuspecting young woman grew so one-sided that even the notoriously cautious Obama couldn’t resist stepping in to score some easy political points.

What could possibly be the point of this?  Is there any surer ticket to defeat in November than irrevocably branding the Republicans as the He-Man Woman Haters’ Party?  Does Limbaugh want the GOP to lose, in the belief that he holds more sway over them when they’re out of power?

Or have they all been immersed in their own BS for so long that by now, they’re simply out of their minds, completely untethered from reality?  It’s getting harder and harder to avoid that conclusion.

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