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Civil Rights, Gone-Naomi Wolf

Her latest is a doozy.

I mean, people, is THIS clear enough for us all?

Let’s be clear: the NDAA grants the president the power to kidnap any American anywhere in the United States and hold him or her in prison forever without trial.

I mean, Even John Turley Writes About This.

Per Naomi:

Yes, the worst things you may have heard about the National Defense Authorization Act, which has formally ended 254 years of democracy in the United States of America, and driven a stake through the heart of the bill of rights, are all really true.

And I guess this little nugget of Mz. Wolf’s kinda sums it up:

And with a new bill now being introduced to make it a crime to protest in a way that disrupts any government process – or to get close to anyone with secret service protection – the push to legally lock down the United Police States is in full force.

I’ve not much to add, she’s a fine writer and analyst, her article is spot on and the truth is ugly as hayall.

But hey, don’t take MY word for it, Read It For Your Self, Bookmark It.

N don’t forget the drones, too. Also.

Pass the Merlot please, n open another bottle, stat. It could be our last.


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