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NC: The momentum to defeat Amendment One continues to grow

Last September the North Carolina General Assembly placed Amendment One on the ballot by a single, heartbreaking vote. Since that time, the movement to show the harms of the amendment has taken off, and Protect All NC Families has put together a video showing the multi-racial, multi-generational, multi-faith army of people ready to defeat it at the polls on May 8.

A new video has been released that shows how the momentum against this bigoted marriage discrimination amendment is growing. Protect NC’s Momentum:

Since the campaign launched the following achievements have occurred and we would love your support in spreading this message:

  • 117 partners have joined the coalition — including the NAACP, Southerners on New Ground, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, and numerous faith congregations.
  • We have 30 staff and seven field offices across the state.
  • We have raised more than $600,000 — more than $150,000 of that has come in online, with more than $80,000 of that number coming in the last three weeks.
  • We have more than 2,000 donors who have given $92 on average — the grassroots donors are with this campaign. We have raised our money in $10, 100, 250 and 1,000 chunks and we are ahead of schedule with what we have raised from that category.
  • We have more than 15,000 volunteers at this point and we are making 20,000 voter calls per week.
  • Important validators such as Senator Kay Hagan, Lt. Governor Walter Dalton, the conservative Carolina Review, libertarian thinker Michael Munger, Myers Park Baptist and others have come out in opposition to the amendment in recent weeks.
  • RACE to the Ballot has held conversations in towns, large and small, across the state ( which has generated positive news coverage, and momentum, around the state. More to come on that front.

We can feel the momentum on the ground — which led to the title of the video. Tomorrow we ask that you help us change the perception of this campaign. We know that we have made enormous progress and that we have built a campaign that can win on May 8 — now we just need that story to get out there.

This amendment would be a stain on the reputation of North Carolina as one of the most progressive states in the South — in 2010 the fringe Republicans — bigots and fear-mongerers — took over our legislature. But in 2008, the state went Blue for Obama. It is NOT a lost cause in the least, based on the enthusiasm I see at these events around Amendment One.  My friend Joe Sudbay over at Americablog lays it on the line.

Of course the campaign needs more money. So far, many of the major gay donors haven’t chipped in. They should. And, so far, the DNC hasn’t chipped in — despite indications that there would be help. We can win this one, as PPP’s Tom Jensen, who is based in NC, noted here and here.

As we wrote about on Monday, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebeliustalked about the defeating the amendment during a speech in Charlotte over the weekend. The Obama campaign could be very helpful here, if they choose to be. Obama for America is building a massive operation in this critical swing state.

Michelle Obama will be in North Carolina tomorrow and Saturday. Surely she can say the words: Vote No on Amendment One.

Will the First Lady do the right thing — it’s comes with zero political cost effort to say the amendment is wrong – the visibility of her saying so can only further energize the President’s base to come out to defeat it. As I have said before, the hurdle in defeating this ballot initiative is NOT whether North Carolinians support some legal recognition of same-sex couples in the state — the polls show 57% do; nearly 80 percent of college-aged voters are opposed to Amendment One. The momentum is on our side.


UPDATE: And speaking of taking advantage of the momentum, Neighbors for Equality, one of the grassroots coalition partners working to defeat Amendment One, has launched The Amendment 1 Truth Project to take on the lies put out by proponents of bigotry.

It is vital that we work to spread the truth about Amendment One. Our opposition is working hard to convince our neighbors that Amendment One is about protecting their marriages and protecting their children. We know Amendment One will harm the people we care about, and the Amendment 1 Truth Project is focused on making sure people are as educated as possible when they vote on May 8.

As part of the Amendment 1 Truth Project, we are launching two new resources today. The first is anew website focused on Amendment 1 Truths. The site will be updated regularly with information regarding the amendment and links to resources from a variety of sources. The new website can be visited by accessing The second is a twitter feed that will be regularly updated with amendment truth. This new twitter account can be accessed and followed at We will also be using the tools to rebut false claims made by individuals and organizations in support of the amendment.

* NC: ‘Team Obama’ rallies LGBT community using Amendment One; time for home stretch action
* NC Baptists speak out on video: the Falsehoods of Amendment One

You can help the campaign to defeat this amendment by donating here.


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