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  • “Billions of dollars locked inside Lehman Brothers‘ European arm can be returned to clients in the US and around the world, following a ruling by the UK Supreme Court. It declared they had rights to reclaim the money, even though Lehman Europe had not kept it separate from the rest of the bankrupt firm’s operations. Hedge funds feared they would have to take their place along with other unsecured creditors, recovering substantially less of their money, but yesterday’s ruling puts them at the head of the queue.”
  • “President Obama would permanently reduce corporate tax rates, but claims he’ll get even more taxes from companies by closing loopholes. Even if you believe this fantasy, there’s nothing in it for the 99 percent, since “the president has already stated that the additional revenue will go right back into corporate pockets, in the form of new or existing tax breaks.” Have a happy billion dollar election year.”
  • TRNN: “United States vs. Manning & Assange. Michael Ratner: Army is trying to pressure Manning into implicating Julian Assange so that he too can be charged and extradited to US.”
  • “A former US mine chief who lied to investigators about one of the worst mining tragedies in decades has been sentenced to three years in prison. Hughie Elbert Stover was in charge of the Upper Big Branch mine, where 29 men died after an explosion in April 2010.” Asshole.
  • “Officials in Cairo say a travel ban on seven Americans employed by pro-democracy US groups has been lifted. The decision appears to signal the end of the worst crisis in relations between Egypt and the US for 30 years.” Nope, can’t have these neoliberal ideologues interfered with while they’re trying to set up another US-ass-kissing regime.
  • “Javier Espinosa, the El Mundo correspondent who has been trapped in a besieged suburb of the Syrian city of Homs, has escaped to safety. Espinosa, who has written a series of dramatic dispatches from Homs – some published in the Guardian – was smuggled out afternoon after making the perilous journey out of the city.”
  • Robert Fisk: “The regime calls it ‘cleaning’, but the dirty truth is plain to see”
  • “Burma’s opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi expressed cautious optimism about the reforms implemented by the military-backed government, saying it was too early to call them irreversible, according to Reuters.”
  • “Blessed with fertile soil and deep veins of unearthed gold, this verdant expanse of Burma is, by most measures, well suited for foreign investment. There is a drawback: it’s riven by the world’s longest-running civil war, a conflict between Burmese troops and the Karen, a largely Christian tribe with US ties.”
  • “Physicists have taken a step forward in their efforts to understand why the Universe is dominated by matter, and not its shadowy opposite antimatter. A US experiment has confirmed previous findings that hinted at new phenomena outside our understanding of physics. The results show that certain matter particles decay differently from their antimatter counterparts.”

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