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Iran,Israel,and nuclear weapons

I came across this article today and though it’s 8 webpages long (and one can’t ‘single page view it) it’s definitely worth reading all the way through. And ,if you’re up to it, printing it and sending it to the 50 odd Senators pushing Obama to have a hardline approach to Iran.

What would happen if Iran had the bomb? (+video)

“If Iran were to become a nuclear power, the most immediate question would be what it means for Israel, where warnings have reached histrionic heights.

“Absolutely nothing will happen,” says Martin Van Creveld, an Israeli historian and author of some 20 books on military strategy. “Israel has what it takes to deter Iran, and the Iranians know it.”

“”It is clear to Iranian strategists that nuclear weapons will not improve Iran’s national security situation…. They do, however, see a value in technological progress,” Bijan Khajehpour, an Iranian analyst at Atieh International, an Austrian-based strategic consulting firm, recently told the Muftah website.

Few Iranians forget these words of the prophet Muhammad, if only because they are printed with an atomic symbol on the 50,000 rial currency note: “If knowledge is to be found in the heavens, the Persians will go and get it.”

“In Israel, even talking about living with a nuclear-armed Iran has long been taboo because it might appear to concede that what the US, Israel, and Europe have declared “unacceptable” is, in fact, acceptable. Yet that was the scenario of a simulation last October by the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), an Israeli think tank affiliated with Tel Aviv University, that gave insights into what might happen across the region if Iran became a nuclear state.”

I guess the 22 per of Israelis who are in favor of attacking Iran haven’t had the opportunity to read the INSS report; or they are just plain insane.

Maybe the Occupy AIPAC people will print it out and hand it to all the attendees of the AIPAC conference.

Still a man hears what he wants to hear, And disregards the rest

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