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Democratic Enthusiasm Remains Flat

Enthusiasm about voting in the upcoming election among Democrats continues to remain flat and anemic according to Gallup latest polling.

Enthusiasm About Voting in 2012 Presidential Election -- Trend by Party ID

There’s been a lot of talk about how President Obama’s new more aggressive rhetoric was expected to get his supporters engaged again, but so far the data shows it has done little to excite the base. It seems images that built up during three years of Republican capitulation and disappointing governance can’t be totally turned around with a few tough sounding speeches.

Looking at the crosstabs, the Obama campaign should be particularly concerned that his 2008 surge voters are simply not enthusiastic about going to vote to re-elect him. While there has been a large 15 point across-the-board drop in enthusiasm compared to the historic 2008 election, enthusiasm is down by more than 25 points among both non-whites and young adults. These two groups make up the core of the Obama 2008 surge vote. From Gallup:

Enthusiasm About Voting in Presidential Election -- 2008 vs. 2012

The one silver lining for Democrats is that this Republican Presidential primary hasn’t made regular Republicans all that excited about this upcoming election either. Republican enthusiasm is on par with what it was at this time in the 2004 and 2000 election.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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