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World Leap Year Day voting

Anyone doing something like this yet?

I think it would be great if we used the worldwide event of Leap Year Day to create a planetary plebiscite when people from all over the world, older than a certain age, would vote and tell ourselves where we want to go, and how we want to get there.

I’m thinking the voting age should be pretty young too, like anyone over fourteen, or maybe even twelve.

Every four years, we would take advantage of World Leap Year Day to create a global event of unprecedented importance to the entire planet.

Every four years, outside of government influence, we could poll the entire population of the planet for the purpose of providing an opportunity to determine a broad, strategic outlook regarding how the people of Earth want to proceed into their future.

It would have to be privately funded. We could create a 99% privately funded, privately staffed, privately governed, Internet–based voting system.

No current or former employee or elected official of any government (state, national, or international) would be allowed have any official, decision–making position within the polling system, although they would be allowed to vote.

The logistics of the system would be transparent and open to public scrutiny. Each participant would be issued one unique voter ID for entry into the electronic voting booth, and validation by the system.

I have actually been thinking about some of the basic ground rules for how it might be run, and for what generally should be placed on the ballot for consideration. I have written down a few of my suggestions. I’m sure other people will have improvements too, but here are some of my proposed basics:

The raw results of the poll would have to be broadcast as soon as they have been responsibly tallied. Then, fourteen days after the vote, at noon during each planetary time zone, something called “The State of the World” speech would be broadcast.

This State of the World speech could be read by at least one outstanding private citizen within each nation and eventually translated into every feasible language, with input considered from every healthy human perspective.

The speech might consist of two main sections:

Section One would have to honestly summarize the current economic, cultural, social, and political conditions of the People of Earth and of all the Earth’s Creatures, and the conditions of the global environment that we all live within.

Although written in prose, one of the adjectives used to legitimately describe the document must be “poetic”. The length of the document must not be too terse, nor excessively verbose; public sentiment to be the judge.

Section Two of the speech would be the results of the vote taken on World Leap Year Day regarding the questions that were voted upon, within the following proposed three categories:

1) The Category of “World Admonitions” :

This could be a list of specific Corrections to well–defined environmental, economic, cultural, social, and/or political conditions, that at least 64% of the People of Earth who voted, agreed must occur.

The scope of the proposed Corrections should be at least regional, national, continental, oceanic, and/or planetary.

To keep it focused, maybe no more than ten World Admonitions could be verified as a world consensus at any one vote, most popular first, but the same Corrections would be able to be listed as many times as desired in subsequent State of the World speeches after World Leap Year votes. Probably a few runoffs would be needed to select just ten Corrections out of the many that could be proposed.

2) The Category of Five–Year World Goals :   . . . to be determined

3) The Category of Twenty–Five–Year World Goals :   . . . to be determined

I would like to participate in such a vote, along with the runoffs too.

Imagine. Primaries based on important global ISSUES!!

This is probably the first REQUIRED step toward a real, legitimate, planetary government. Oh, my! Something like this must have already been proposed and launched. I’d like to know about it. Anyone have some info?



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