Mormons Posthumously Baptized Slain Reporter Daniel Pearl

The Mormon practice of baptizing dead people who aren’t Mormons has just hit a new low.  Last week it was revealed that Anne Frank was posthumously baptized for the  ninth time, and now the Boston Globe reports that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was kidnapped and slain by Islamic terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan, in 2002, was posthumously baptized in June, 2011. The proxy baptism  was conducted in a Mormon temple in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Pearl’s family was not notified of his forced afterlife conversion at the time, and only learned of it from the Globe. Pearl’s widow Mariane said the baptism showed

lack of respect for Danny and a lack of respect for his parents

while his mother said,

As a matter of ethics, I think it’s wrong.

Mormons are technically only supposed to proxy baptize family members into the faith, one of the main reasons for church’s maintenance of detailed genealogical records.  According to church officials, Pearl’s baptism was a

serious breach of protocol

because it was not performed by a relative.  Anne Frank’s ninth baptism occurred in the Dominican Republic. It seems unlikely that any of her relatives were involved in the ceremony, which involves teenage Mormons taking the name of the deceased before being dunked in a pool supported by carvings of twelve oxen which represent the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The purpose of proxy baptism is to allow the souls of the deceased to meet up with their kin in the afterlife and populate that family’s specific part of heaven on their own planet. Mormon’s claim that

the baptized can choose in the afterlife whether to accept salvation and join the church as Mormons,

but given the unknown geography of the afterlife, it is unclear how and if the deceased would be able to express their opinion, and where they would go if they chose not to live in Mormon Heaven with their adoptive family.

In response to Mormon proxy baptism, a website has set up to convert all dead Mormons to gay, and conservative talk show host Stephen Colbert proxy converted all dead Mormons to Judaism by performing a bris (circumcision) on a hotdog.

The increasing exposure of the Mormon addiction to dunking dead people against their families’ wishes could cause a Mittstorm for  GOP hopeful Willard Romney, who is a staunch adherent to Mormonism, since posthumously baptizing people without their families’ consent looks selfish and creepy, and raises questions about imposing one’s faith on another.



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Lisa Derrick

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