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Good Lord, the dawning of the reality of Mitt Romney galvanizing the american people together in the name of pursuing that ‘shining star’ is enough to make one vomit, then vomit again. 
Yes, Mitt there is a shining star—your bullshit ability to convince the average dullard voter that your ‘strong business experiences’ while at Bain Capital will serve to guide your decisions regarding economic issues—–and that chameleon-like ability to change with the slightest tinge of outside influence, whether the blue collar worker seeking a fair deal, or a crony seeking yet another regulation’s annihilation, so the leverage on the Credit Default Swap might get a little closer to 150%—-all such a wonderful set of principles and plans for fairness and justice for all for those who just dream of your grandness!  Bless you, sir.
Perhaps in several years, we shall all be on our knees, wearing the magic underwear, truly in touch with our God, as we sweep the street with our bare hands so that you may move through a world ravaged by the greed and misanthropy which rules you and yours.

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