“This morning a gunman opened fire inside Chardon High School’s cafeteria, killing one student and wounding four others.”
USA Today February 27, 2012

UPDATE: CHARDON, Ohio – Associated Press reports that a Cleveland hospital says another student wounded in an Ohio high school shooting has died, bringing the death toll to three.

Cincinnati.com February 28, 2012

As is the standard practice these days it’s a chance for the “guns everywhere” crowd to race to media sites and instantly shoot down the dreaded strawman: Gun Control.

They will attack any suggestions for things to be done differently — with the exception of providing more guns in the schools.  Other comments will claim the problem was removing God from the public schools, praying for the families and admonishing people who suggest changing anything to have the decency to wait, “until the bodies are cold.”  Sometimes they attack “anti-gunners” telling them that it’s an “inappropriate time to exploit a tragedy.”
Gun Slinger - Taking Out The Trash

This preemptive rush to deny people a chance to talk about making changes is an acknowledgement that this event is their most vulnerable time.  They know that when emotions run high is exactly the time when change can take place. They also know that the media won’t do anything beyond their standard, “views differ on the shape of the world and the truth lies somewhere in the middle” stories.

The Guns Everywhere folks are still smarting from the time Ronald Reagan and James Brady were shot and some changes were actually made.  But they have learned their lesson. No gun show loophole laws in Arizona were closed after the Gabby Gifford shooting.

After their instant rush to explain why nothing should change, they start playing the long game, waiting until the spotlight is gone to keep gun show loopholes open and block any sensible changes in licensing while getting into definitional debates, “It’s not a clip, it’s a magazine! How can I expect to listen to someone who doesn’t know the difference!” Instead they use any shooting to whip up fear. Fear whose only reasonable response is….surprise!  Buy a gun!  (You thought they would suggest buying a dog? Silly human, they are funded by the NRA, not the American Dog Owners Association.)

I’ve suggested before that following yet another tragic shooting I wanted to bring together on TV/video the people who want to bring guns everywhere with victims of gun violence.   I don’t want the trained professionals of the NRA to have a discussion with some random “anti-gunner.” I want to get the people populating the comments section of local and national media to talk to someone who can personally explain how cruel or ridiculous their ideas are based on personal experience.

Last week a had a conversation with Elliott Fineman, the CEO of the National Gun Victims Action Council – (BTW, please like them on Facebook as folks do these days) following his groups boycott of Starbucks’ for its policy of welcoming guns into their retail stores.

I found out that Elliott’s son was murdered by a stranger, while dining in a San Diego restaurant with his wife.  The murderer was a paranoid schizophrenic who had legally obtained the gun.

I asked him what he says to the people who want more guns everywhere following a shooting. He replied by asked me if I knew about response times of people with weapons at shootings. I didn’t. I had the same fantasy that many people with guns have. If I had a gun and saw or heard someone come in with a gun I would whip out my piece, blow them away and save the day. (I also think I look like Timothy Olyphant on Justified and am just as good a shot as he is.) It turns out that many people live in this fantasy world where they have the perfect conditions to save the day, but the reality is very different.

Remember the shooting in Washington where four armed and trained police officers were shot? You would think that if anyone would be able to act in time it would be these guys. But they didn’t. And now they are dead. They can’t tell Mr. Concealed Carry Guns Everywhere how ridiculous his fantasy is.

I’m thinking that maybe one of the best people to talk to Mr. Conceal Carry Guns Everywhere might be one of the spouses of the four armed police officers shot at a coffee shop in Washington.



Chair one: Mr. Conceal Carry Guns Everywhere.

Chair two: Wife of  Sgt. Mark Renninger*, 39;  who was gunned down in at Forza coffee shop in Washington (along with Officers Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; and Greg Richards 42. All  were trained and carrying guns.)

Host: “Mr Conceal Carry Guns Everywhere, please explain to the widow Renninger why your suggestion that “if only more people had guns in schools” things would be safer for everyone. Also remember to tell her how much training you have had so we can compare it to her husband the former Army Ranger and nationally known SWAT team trainer. Additionally, please explain the superior training that all teachers will receive under your program of guns in schools.

Following our discussion we will be going to a local school where, for the next two weeks, you will be taped teaching while waiting to see if someone may or may not surprise you and shoot you. The shooter may or may not be one of the students in your classroom.

If you fail the test, your job for the rest of your life is to convince people who thought just like you how ridiculous your fantasy is. You agree to set up these same kind of trainings to disabuse others of your dangerous fantasy.

If you win, and successfully shoot the shooter before they can shoot you and others — and don’t accidentally shoot a innocent student — you can spend the rest of your life implementing your current fantasy, which you are already doing. Now you will have proof.

Will you accept this challenge?


FYI. People wanting guns in schools are very clear
USATODAYprogunsinschools2_27_2012 3_32_27 PM
*Note, I don’t know if Mrs. Renninger would be interested in having this conversation with Mr. CCGE, but maybe some of his fellow surviving officers could disabuse him of his fantasy, the reason I selected her is because Renninger was the most heavily trained of the officers, yet the element of surprise rendered it useless.

(photo: Gun Slinger – Taking out the Trash)



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