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Organizing a 2 Week Trip for Lt. Dan Choi to Visit Occupations

I have had the pleasure this week to work with Jane Hamsher and Lt. Dan Choi, DADT activist and superstar occupier! I have been booking travel and organizing events for Dan at 5 different occupations across the country, from Delaware to Fairbanks, AK. We started the trip off in Wilmington, Delaware (Occupy Delaware) last weekend and are picking it back up today.

Last night I spoke with Will Marshall who told me that he successfully picked up Mr. Choi from the airport. Choi starts this full week of travel in Atlanta, GA where they are occupying outside of the AT&T center. From the photos that have been submitted, it looks like Dan is meeting a ton of great people and will be hosting a celebration at the newly acquired military tent from Firedoglake Occupy Supply. Everyone in the communities I have spoken with have been very helpful in working with me to make sure that when Dan arrives he has a ride, food, shelter, and other forms of hospitality.

Without our membership program and the amazing work of our member Liaisons, we could have never dreamed of sending Lt. Dan Choi to Salt Lake City, Flint Michigan, and all of his other stops. Help ensure the sustainability of Firedoglake by joining as a member today!

What will Dan be doing? He wants to focus on meeting all of the occupiers involved, getting to know their story, then stay the night with them at their encampment. He plans to spend at least one night out in the military command tent at each location, staying warm due to some of the amazing advances in solar energy and other tactics to “get off the grid.” The work that some of these occupations are doing such, as Little Rock, Raleigh, and many others is impressive and inspiring.

In hindsight, we can hardly believe we’ve been able to accomplish all we have with Occupy Supply, but when you consider the strength and support we get from the membership program, it makes more sense and opens the door to incredible possibilities for organizing in the future.

Help to keep Firedoglake moving forward by joining our membership program during the 2012 Membership Drive.

Occupy Supply is a program of the Firedoglake Membership program where we have over 105 member liaisons nationwide. I will continue to update everyone daily on his travels. Dan is tremendously excited about visiting these occupations, and his visits are bringing hope to all the campers as they reach the 6 month mark of occupying.

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Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook