Noticing a certain lack of lady excitement over his failing book tour/candidacy/new wife auditions, Newt Gingrich is dispatching his bird of prey/Stepford hybrid to fetch him some new gals, one of whom may become lucky Mrs Gingrich #4 if she plays her cards right and has no life-threatening diseases..at this time.

The Gingrich campaign announced Monday that Callista Gingrich will lead a Women with Newt Coalition. Gingrich will lead work with 6 co-chairs, which include Gingrich’s two daughters from his previous marriage — Kathy Gingrich Lubbers and Jackie Gingrich Cushman — as well as Jeri Thompson, the wife of Gingrich supporter Fred Thompson.

An email sent out by the campaign contained Jeri Thompson’s comments on the coalition:

This election is a referendum on the failed decisions and failed policies of an Obama Administration that without new, strong leadership, will leave our children and our grandchildren with a land of less opportunity and less freedom. For me and other mothers, joining this coalition is less a political move than a maternal one.

So really, it’s a way to give Callista something to do, funnel some of Sheldon Adelson’s money to the Gingrich daughters for keeping their big mouths shut, and get Fred Thompson’s childbride out of the house where she spends her days keeping Fred’s moonshine jug full and his adult diapers empty while he sits in his recliner and yells at the coloreds on BET…

You may recall that Herman Cain also attempted a ladies night website just prior to taking his overused penis and going home.

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