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Breitbart’s “No Rape Plot” Comment Irks Alleged Victim


Last Friday’s report on the hypocrisy of Andrew Breitbart’s selective concern for alleged rape victims in “Breitbart’s “Rape” Concerns Don’t Extend to Female Staffer?” was picked up by Current TV Friday putting the underreported claims of Nadia Naffe on the TV.

Breitbart stated plainly he’d screamed “stop raping people” to OWS demonstrators as a “stunt” to get attention focused on the underreporting of alleged rapes at OWS. So we thought it odd that Breitbart wasn’t addressing serious sexual harrassment allegations made against his star reporter James O’Keefe.

Last December, a Breitbart columnist named Nadia Naffe filed a complaint alleging O’Keefe became verbally abusive over drinks, trying to coerce her to spend the night in his parents barn – as she realized she was losing muscle control.

The story aired on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, with fill-in host David Shuster unloading on Breitbart as a “hypocrite and a frequently unstable publicity seeking hack” who he said refused to comment on the issue when contacted. Shuster found this appropriate, because he said Breitbart didn’t witness anything between and Naffe and O’Keefe and wasn’t involved – but Naffe has shared new details claiming Breitbart knew, even as events were unfolding that night that Naffe wanted his help.

Breitbart finally spoke out – after Shuster tweeted the link to his segment on Breitbart. Shuster said:
This alleged rape plot by @jamesokeefeiii + silence by @andrewbreitbart proves AB is a hypocrite.”

Seething, Breitbart twote back:
“There is no ‘rape plot’ you slanderous, libelous wannabe Media Matters smear junkie”.

This prompted Nadia Naffe to break her silence, tweeting to Breitbart:
“Now, your an expert on ‘rape plots’? I called you that night I was held in the barn to ask for help.

This is apparently the first time anywhere the public has heard her characterize her ordeal at O’Keefe’s parents house as being “held” or actually having been “in the barn”. If true, it also reveals that Naffe reached out to Breitbart for help when she was experiencing problems with O’Keefe.

Naffe’s complaint described O’Keefe becoming argumentative as she expressed a desire to leave O’Keefe’s parents’ premises before, but the word “held” could be construed differently, for example if her movements or freedom were restricted.

Sounding testy in tone, this writer believes Breitbart’s out-of-hand dismissal of the idea that there was no “alleged rape plot” got the alleged victim steamed. This seems to support the point in the article – that Breitbart’s publicity-seeking and concern for alleged victim’s rights didn’t seem to extend to Naffe, while he caterwauled like a maniac in publicizing the plight of those allegedly accosted at OWS.

Naffe had been retweeting Breitbart’s tweets just weeks ago on Feb. 14, and for months before, throughout her run-in with O’Keefe and court appearance, suggesting she must have been at least lukewarm towards Breitbart.

But this tweet by Naffe to Breitbart doesn’t appear to convey he was much help to her the night she alleges she lost her ability to walk. It appears Naffe and Breitbart are seeing the incident differently, with Naffe questioning Breitbart’s expertise on what does and doesn’t constitute an ‘alleged rape plot’.

Adding to the contention have been threats of legal action made by O’Keefe, also via public tweets, because Shuster referred to him as a “convicted felon” instead of “convicted criminal” – O’Keefe’s guilty plea was on a misdemeanor charge. O’Keefe claims this was no accident, because “Countdown” had made the same “lie” before. A commenter on the Current TV web page for the segment corrected the error within hours.

Naffe on the legal threats:
O’keefe’s threat to sue @DavidShuster into silence is just like the one he used to bully me not to report crime to police.

Then, in reply to this tweet by Shuster:
Hey @JamesokeefeIII apologize to @nadianaffe. And @AndrewBreitbart why wont u condemn his alleged sex assault plan?

Naffe twote:
I’m not looking for an apology. I’ve been the one apologizing, to people I recorded w/O’keefe since 2010.

and added:
Would not expect public condemnation of O’keefe by @AndrewBreitbart. Admitting your wrong isn’t good for business. @DavidShuster #agitprop

Later, Naffe twote:
I still dont know the identity of the man O’keefe brought with him to the barn that night, to intimidate or worse, assault me

and finally, she seems now ready to go public with her version of the incident and talk about her involvement going back to 2010 in making “recordings” of people Naffe feels a need to apologize to:
Working on a post abt what happened at the barn in NJ, and my work as an accomplice to a “convicted criminal” O’keefe et al

See screen shots at
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