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An Interim Piece

A moment of your time, dear friends,  you wondrous denizens of the Lake, if I might?

All of us and each of us, at times, are chagrined, feel put-upon, are weary, annoyed and even emotionally distraught.

These are the times which try human souls.

Of late, however, basic respect, fundamental patience, and even the ability to count to ten,  apparently, before launching into a full-blown tirade … seem to have gone South, for the winter  …  or. perhaps,  for the “duration”.

As we drift toward  the inevitable political discord and name-calling of the upcoming war, excuse me, elections … it takes but little imagination to envision the  unpleasantness before us … within us … and between us.

Forgive me for so saying, but what a completely mindless waste. A waste of good will and a waste of time.  I do not know about others, but I have reached the point in my life where I feel there is but little of either to spare, or fritter away.

I know, I realize, that it is enormously uncouth of me to say so, but we, all of us, face some incredibly difficult times ahead, unless, of course, one happens to be part of the legendary “one percent” … and even those “ones”, whether they know it or not, whether they may understand it, or not … face uprooting, unimaginable  and, let us be very honest, devastating “change”.

Clearly, reason, tolerance, and understanding are neither the “currency” of our collective moment, nor, apparently, in many places,  much lamented in their demise … instead, there is righteousness, hubris, impatience, disdain, and utter contempt.

Were these “things” simply happening “out there” then we, together,  might sigh and proclaim, “It was ever thus”, shake our heads, shrug our shoulders, and say, “But it cannot happen here” … and yet … unless my eyes deceive me, unless my sensibilities have deserted me, unless what small claim I may have to “reason” has fled me, utterly … what I’m encountering every day, by way of observation, and even through experience,  on threads, and especially on the well- intentioned diaries, on the reasonable and thoughtful, on the important and powerful diaries of  articulate, concerned, and gifted writers, the commenters, dare I say, the very substance of this site … are, too often appalling, disheartening, destructive, and even unforgivable, assaults, upon other, equally gifted and insightful commenters, by, in most cases, even other commenters, some of whom, may be “trollish”, but others of whom have simply, by my lights, lost control of themselves, their emotions, and their perspectives.

Everyone, I am very certain, feels most “justified” in their anger, their “position”, their “facts”, and their “rights” …

If our purpose, individually and collectively, is simply to yell as loudly as we are able, to assault as long as we may be permitted to do so, to beat our chests and proclaim to the heavens the we, and we alone, have the handle on truth, on wisdom, on certainty, then … what?

Might we not  seek, all of us, on the long and certain to be very painful process, or journey, a march of tears, of getting from “here”, a space and time which many are fully agreed, is not all that pleasant … to “there”, which is not yet broadly or , even,  dimly defined … an interim peace?

That may sound like idiotic clap-trap, like the  foolish suggestion of a foolish idiot, like an appeal to a utopian comity, which does not, cannot,  and shall not ever exist …

Perhaps it is … all of those things.

The question is this: Have we any choice?

I would further, foolishly suggest, that how we choose to answer that question, tells us more about ourselves and the future than we might wish to know or understand.

Thank you for your patience, and the loan of your ears.


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