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The Roundup for February 24, 2012

Thanks for bearing with me the past couple days.

• With Pimco bolting from the American Securitization Forum, I think the institutional investors have finally had it with bank-friendly trade groups that don’t look out for their interests.

• Plenty of commentary on the White House’s corporate tax plan here. Other facts here. Basically you’re just swapping one set of tax expenditures for another, picking a new set of winners and losers. I’m generally OK with the winners and losers selected, especially in reversing the private equity loophole. But this plan probably won’t even get a hearing, let alone passage, so I’ve not been commenting much on it.

• David Brooks with an actually interesting column today, kind of on the same point about tax expenditures, and how they are actually no different than spending (in fact, worse in many ways because they’re so hidden).

• Not ONE appointment to the crucial DC Circuit? What a missed opportunity.

• We really need big signs that say “The Stimulus Worked and Austerity Doesn’t” deployed all over the country.

• Seriously great work from Jake Tapper. Jay Carney was left speechless. If only this wasn’t a notable event.

• Looking forward to seeing the econo-speak at Bretton Woods, particularly from Keynes.

• FHFA has a plan to wind down Fannie and Freddie. Read it here. Does this mean that taxpayers can stop paying the legal fees for Fannie and Freddie executives someday?

• I would definitely urge support of the Ellison-Jones letter on Iran.

• Hopefully the Administration’s insertion into the online privacy debate won’t end up making things even worse.

• This was the worst day for killings in the Koran burning protests in Afghanistan. This shows no sign of letting up.

• I can definitely get behind Occupy for Prisoners. Speaking of which, ten would-be prisoners from Occupy Philadelphia were acquitted. Surely they’ll join the rest of the gang at the first ever OWS national convention, in Philly, over the July 4 holiday.

• Can’t believe the Administration is trying to tout a measly 50,000 subscribers to the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program. The costs are also twice as high as the original prediction.

• Jeh Johnson looks really foolish with these absurd justifications.

• I actually think absentee landlord Rick Santorum’s wordless ad against Mitt Romney has the potential to be effective. But it does look like Romney could squeak by in Michigan and Arizona on Tuesday.

• More voter fraud coming from Republicans, this time in votes in the Wisconsin legislature. There really are no rules for Republicans in Wisconsin.

• Finally, prosecutors are getting on with the tough investigations of corporate criminals… oh wait, that’s just an investigation of Jerry Sandusky.

• This postal service restructure could cost 30,000 jobs.

• A UN panel accused Syria of crimes against humanity, and now Arab nations are calling for intervention.

• With marriage equality passing in Maryland and advocates qualifying for the ballot again in Maine, we could see three ballot fights (Washington state is the other) that would grant marriage equality to millions in November if they break the right way.

• New home sales had an OK month. Last year was still the worst year since record-keeping began.

• House Republicans will appeal that DOMA smackdown.

• Why not limit vasectomies? I mean, we’re just talking about punishment for denying the world the gift of life, right?

• In a SuperPAC race between the Koch Brothers and Bill Maher, Mr. Politically Incorrect’s going to run out of dough.

• Shepard Fairey could go to prison in the case of ripping off the AP’s photo in the Hope poster. Once again, the system is working against corporate criminals. Oh, wait, again.

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David Dayen

David Dayen