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Late Night FDL: Isla Waters

From Wikipedia:

“The Isla Waters” – “The song was composed by Martin and Andy around a fragment sung by Andy’s grandfather, who was born in Glen Isla in 1900. It tells of a crofter whose life was made difficult by the fact that his local ‘ale hoose’ was across the river from his croft, but miles from the nearest bridge. Crossing to the inn on stepping-stones was easy enough in daylight when sober, but returning after a night of song and powerful whisky was an entirely different matter.”

So what’s on your mind tonight? What’s on mine is that there’s no way we’ll ever see $2-a-gallon gas again, no matter what oil-company spiel John Boehner parrots.

A big reason for switching to electric-powered cars is because they allow for much greater flexibility in how to get the power needed to run them. You can get electricity from several sources — and overall, even electricity from a coal-fired power plant has a smaller carbon and pollution footprint than does gasoline.

This last point is especially true now that we’re running out of the easy-to-exploit sources and must resort to fracking and the like — processes that not only throw pollution into the ground, air, and (the Isla) water, but are also expensive; it costs $50 to $60 a barrel to frack that oil out of the Bakken Shale in North Dakota, which means that oil prices have to be at least $90 a barrel for the stuff to turn a decent profit — which also means that there’s no way we’ll ever see $2-a-gallon gas again, no matter what John Boehner says.

Which may not be that bad, since the number of hybrids and electrics on the road has been growing even as the overall US economy is only slowly growing, and even non-hybrids are getting more efficient –all of which means that we’re consuming less oil than we have at any time since 1997.

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