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DENIED: Wife says ‘no nookie’ to VA Delegate over transvaginal ultrasound bill

Ho, ho, ho — now that’s activism, friends. Virginia Delegate Dave Albo (R-42) describes how his wife denied sex with him after the vaginal ultrasound bill was discussed on The Rachel Maddow Show. (Huff Po):

Albo’s remarks — which he delivered with laughter — were aimed in particular at that TV-talking colleague, Del. David Englin (D-Alexandria), a leading opponent of the bill.

“Boy’s in bed, wife’s here, TV, poured some red wine,” Albo said of how he began the night.

Albo then attempted to play some “mood music” for his fellow lawmakers to help explain how he tried to entice his wife. House members were laughing as Albo received assistance from another lawmaker in putting on the music.

The next step in his seduction plan: He went to turn on the Redskins Channel to help put his wife in the mood for love. Apparently, his wife loves the Washington football team.

On the way to his Redskins seduction, Albo found a news channel that mentioned his name in the context of the ultrasound bill. On Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC, Englin was discussing the ultrasound bill.

Unfortunately for Albo, he and his wife stopped to watch the show — and his warm bed turned into a cold shower.

“The show’s over, and she looks at me and says, ‘I have to go to bed,'” Albo recounted to further laughter.

In honor of Dave Albo: “I did it all for the nookie.” Wife: Hella No! #likeachump

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