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Palestine-The One State Solution

This is what ethnic cleansing looks like:


An as-yet confidential report submitted by the European consuls in Jerusalem and Ramallah raises urgent concerns over the “forced expulsion” of Palestinians …from Area C of the West Bank… the report mentions the fertile and strategic Jordan Valley (where the Palestinian population has declined from 250,000 to 50,000 since the start of the Occupation)…

A necessary and urgent first step towards collapsing the otherwise permanent regime of oppression in Israel/Palestine is that we stop talking about a two-state solution. It’s dead and gone as a political option.

As a long time supporter of the One State Solution, (failing a plebiscite approved partition), I can only watch with satisfaction as more and more observers come round.

Bibi blanches.  (He fears that the Jews' balls are too small, their dicks too short, their testosterone mockingly low.  Or maybe they have pissed their women off by inflicting too much crazy so the eggs won't implant.Whatever.)

Israel may wax nostalgic for the days (now current) when the only threat at the UN was a General Assembly move for unilateral recognition of a (second) Palestinian state.

Here comes the real pain–the *reversal of the illegal partition of 1948.

Meanwhile, apartheid is the name of the game.


*Hasbaristas, chill.  No one gets driven into the sea (this time).  It's all about "the cousins".


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