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Lucifer 2012: Obama’s not a Christian & aided by Satan; social conservatives cling to fear

I guess Rick Santorum’s decent into Satan’s affect on politics cannot be complete without additional crazies coming out of the woodwork to affirm all sorts of Satanic bullsh*t. Fox News has the perfect guest on file to spout in this realm — pathologically self-loathing House Negro Jesse Lee Peterson, who has been trotted out on Fox even before the President was elected to stir up controversy.

The latest eruption from the head of Brotherhood Organization Of A New Destiny (BOND), was published on Christian Newswire (h/t Right Wing Watch).

“I am certain without a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a Christian. It’s unfortunate that Rev. Graham and Rick Santorum won’t be completely honest about Barack Obama even though his deeds are contrary to Christian values.

“Both these men oppose Obama’s recent contraceptive mandate and assault on the Christian conscience. They know that for 20 years Obama worshipped in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist Black Liberation Theology-based church. They fully grasp the spiritual connection America has with Israel and see that Obama is no friend of the Jewish State. Rev. Graham has said that Obama is more concerned with the plight of Muslims than the Christians that are being murdered in the Muslim countries. Still these Christian leaders cannot tell the truth about Obama. Why?

“I do agree with Santorum that this is a ‘spiritual war’ and that ‘Satan is targeting the U.S.’ which is precisely why I believe Barack Obama was selected and elected. I’m convinced that the weak-kneed timidity that’s preventing many white conservative Christians from pointing out Obama’s wickedness is a result of their fear of being labeled ‘racist.’

“Evil understands that most white Christians have been intimidated and are too afraid to stand up to it. Especially when it is operating in the form of an American hating Socialist black president who appears to be more in harmony with Muhammad than he is with Christ.”

Back in 2009, Peterson gave an equally fantastic, apocalyptic view of the President to his friend Sean Hannity, who loved bringing him on. I blogged about it in the post, “Jesse Lee Peterson on Fox: ‘Obama Was Elected Mostly By Black Racists And White Guilty People.” From the 2/3/09 Hannity:

Although Sean Hannity professed to be shocked, shocked by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s bigoted remarks, he has a long history of making similar statements in Hannity’s presence. Hannity has long been associated with Peterson’s organization and gave no indication that he would discontinue or that he questioned that association.

Peterson’s black and white view of the world dovetails nicely with a piece up at Religion Dispatches by Ira Chernus, ‘Religious Freedom’ and the Conservative Quest for Absolute Truth. All of the over-the-top reaction we have seen by the womb-controllers and anti-gays in the Republican party — the fringe it refuses to disown for obviou$ reasons — is about fear of change and need for structure in their social universe. Chernus hits the nail on the head.

For decades, psychological studies have shown that conservatives are especially afraid of uncertainty and threat, and so crave the order and structure that firm boundaries provide. As the philosopher of conservatism Michael Oakeshott put it, “To be conservative is to prefer the familiar to the unknown… the limited to the unbounded.”

As Randall Balmer, a leading scholar of evangelical Christianity, has explained it evangelicals are less concerned about specific issues than they are about feeling assured of one kind of structure in particular: “an unambiguous morality in an age of moral and ethical uncertainty”—an age that spurs evangelicals to an endless quest for obvious, immutable, and absolute contrasts between good and evil.

Politicians court these voters by saying, in as many ways as possible, “Yes, Virginia (or Iowa or Florida or Missouri) there are universal truths that can never change. You are not adrift in a sea of moral chaos. Elect me and you’re sure to have a fixed mooring to hold you and your community fast forever.”

…No matter how fervently Obama professes his faith, though, conservatives insist that he is the prime symbol of what they see as the era’s all-out attack on fixed boundaries and immutable truths; hence the charge of a “war on religion.” Obama’s skin may have something to do with it; his skin so obviously portrays the blurring of what was once the nation’s most unchallengeable boundary. But any Democratic president in 2012 would have run into the same kind of political/religious attack, because that president was bound to be “the enemy.”

The historian of conservative thought Corey Robin points out that the conservative quest for limits and structure becomes, inevitably, an insistence on hierarchies. If it is safer inside the walls than outside, where danger lurks, then inside is clearly superior to outside. So, by the logic of conservatism, every boundary line separating “us” from “them” tends to become a moral line dividing the “good guys” from the “bad guys.”

Fear of women having autonomy and power over their bodies (having sex!), black and brown people asserting their political muscle (by — gasp — voting!), the LGBT community obtaining civil equality through courts and legislatures — all of these things terrify them —  and the party continues to cater to it. This has some party leaders squirming in 2012, because mollifying this crowd each and every time is leading the GOP down a path to obscurity. And the aging, white party isn’t listening. From The Politico’s “GOP fears rise over 2012 tone, message“:

In 2008, after Republicans were routed in the presidential and congressional elections, there was widespread consensus within elite GOP circles about the party’s structural problems: The Republican voter base was too old, too white, too male and too strident for the party to prosper long term in a country growing ever more diverse.

Four years later, many of the same GOP leaders are watching with rising dismay as the 2012 presidential campaign has featured excursions into social issues like contraception and a sprint by the candidates to strike the toughest stance against illegal immigration, issues they say are far removed from the workaday concerns of the independent voters Republicans need to evict Barack Obama from the White House.

…Even before the debate, an array of prominent Republicans, in interviews with POLITICO, were pleading for the candidates to pay attention to the appearance of tone-deafness and do more to show they desire — and can deliver — a more inclusive and forward-looking party.

…Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has insistently called for modernizing the GOP on subjects such as gay rights and immigration, said that on a range of issues, “The Republican Party risks finding itself in the dustbin of history if it fails to recognize the inexorable demographic trends sweeping America.”

Even so, bottom-feeding, faith-based, science-denying people like Peterson — who doesn’t mind using his race as a tool for his own professional ascension — is there to play his role in the flailing social conservative movement — he reassures the racists and homophobes to say “look — ‘the brother’ agrees with us!” You see it reaching increasing levels of hysteria as the pro-hate groups like the Family Research Council, and grade-Z operations like Americans For Truth for Homosexuality trot out black pastors like Patrick Wooden who have only junk science, obsessive focus on sex acts and questionable anecdotes to back up their fear and smear about the advancement of rights for “the other.”

I enjoy watching them squirm.

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