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The Hunger Strike: Weapon of Choice for the Oppressed

The above comes from The site creators say it uses “creative visuals to describe a factual rights-based narrative of Palestine/Israel.” In this case, we have a brilliant graphic showing past heroes for social justice who have gone on hunger strike and what happens to the human body as they carry out a strike.

Khader Adnan, a Palestinian arbitrarily detained by Israel under an administrative detention order, ended his hunger strike yesterday. He had been on strike for sixty-six days. And, it appears he now holds a place in history as a person who engaged in the longest hunger strike in world history.

Such an achievement is not an achievement for the Guinness Book of World Records. Adnan should not have had to go on hunger strike. Administrative detention should not be a tool employed by Israel or any country. Once arrested, people should be immediately charged and afforded due process regardless of what kind of threat the government might think the person may pose to their country.

That I have to type that previous sentence and make such a statement is saddening. Of course, countries like Israel (and others which use administrative detention) use it to maintain systems of oppression. In Israel’s case, Adnan is detained to maintain apartheid. If we consider the US, Guantanamo detainees are held indefinitely to perpetuate the “war on terror.”

For a full story on Khader Adnan (published yesterday), go here.

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Kevin Gosztola

Kevin Gosztola

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