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Republican Debate Liveblogging

Here I am, watching the debate live on location.

Here I am, watching the debate live on location.

Hopefully this week will be the “Cry Havoc, and Let Slip the Newts of War” edition, because his team has decided that the reason he’s trailing is that he’s not obnoxious enough.  I’m not really sure what “let Newt be Newt” is going to look like, but I bet it’ll be hard to look away.

Also we’ll get to see whether Santorum softpedals the culture war or doubles down.  Since it’s a Republican primary, my money’s on doubling down, big-time.  As for Mitt, he probably just has to hold his own and not embarrass himself.

And of course it’s always fun to watch a former Speaker of the House and a former Senate Republican Conference Chairman insist that they’re bold, anti-establishment Washington outsiders.  Good luck with that, fellas.

Watch online here.

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