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Mardis Gras-ccupy Nashville!

Getting in the Marti Gras-cupy Mood

Yesterday’s Occupy Nashville GA was a festive event as Occupiers celebrated Fat Tuesday, while getting down to the business at hand of dealing with fat cats and their minions. Plans were also made for a “die-in” on Legislative Plaza to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, at 12:45 Monday, 12 March.

Money Tent Pre-Money 1

Other actions include a 7 March rally at noon for “Civil, Worker, and Human Rights,” in concert with the United Campus Workers, which will “demand Governor Haslam and the General Assembly end the attacks on public workers, LGBT folks, local living wage ordinances, voting rights, immigrant rights, and our public services!”

The Money Tent Pre-Money 2

Monday evening, 27 Feb. from 6:00 till 7:30, the Friends Meeting House at 530 26th Ave. North will host, “Occupy Nashville: What is it, What can it be?”

As if that isn’t enough, it looks like Feb. 27, Walkupy will arrive in Nashville. They are currently in Jasper, TN, and wending their way our way.

With all this going on, one might forget that tomorrow, 23 Feb, the TN Senate will vote on the eviction bill. Friends of ON are asked to meet at the Plaza at about 8 am, and to write, call and e-mail their senators. Various members of ON have been meeting with senators, to put a human face to their message, and Ben and James of Occupy the Spirit of ON have been requesting that the Legislature, if it is interested in taking away their right to stay on the plaza, provide an alternative place to stay, in the spirit of Christianity. Meanwhile, ON has found a temporary haven, renting a building and land for a week so they can regroup.They will continue to maintain a presence on the Plaza 24/7.

After GA, they broke out the money tent. Deciding that if money was free speech, but tents were not, what would happen if they combined the two?

It could get funky:

“Big Chief” performed by Professor Longhair, from”Big Easy Strut: The Essential Professor Longhair,” recorded live in 1979 shortly before his death.



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