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The Saga of Larry Tunner- A Story for Our Times

Educating and messaging are important tactics in our quest to occupy change. Recently here in Traverse City, we held a combined education/entertainment event….Occupalooza. It was a great success with an estimated 500-600 attendees. While musicians entertained us, we used posters, charts, videos, speakers, brochures, information tables and non-stop conversation to educate.

However, another way to educate is by telling a story. Stories don’t just present facts, but can create empathy and understanding, as well. I think the “Saga of Larry Tunner” is a story that can do this.  This Occupy themed film gives voice to some of the issues of the 99%.

A brief synopsis tells us that “After hitting the jackpot and realizing that he really can do anything, Larry decides to run for President, giving voice to the real concerns of America’s ninety-nine percent. Unpolished, charismatic, and full of heart, Larry is on a mission to save America, or die trying.”

We had the fun of filming a scene for the movie as part of our Occupalooza event, with just a few of our Occupy Traverse City members on stage with Larry.
See link here:

If you would like to help make this microbudget film a reality, you can donate here at Kickstarter.

Thanks for checking it out!

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