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Occupy Tucson, video on Motion to Dismiss on 1st Amendment Grounds Hearing.

Hey FireDogs. Saturday morning I put up a post detailing this hearing……which was a motion to dismiss charges against a Tucson Occupier, Mary DeCamp. We are presently awaiting the judge’s ruling. The implications of this decision for our ongoing efforts at Occupy here in Tucson are huge. I thought you might be interested in seeing these video clips, the three clips are the closing argument of the defense attorney, then the prosecutor’s closing, and then finally a rebuttal by the defense attorney. This is Tucson City Court and there isn’t any soaringly inspirational rhetoric to make your heart take wing, nor will you mistake either of these guys for Clarence Darrow or Henry Clay; nonetheless I believe this is important stuff to bear witness to, we are truly living in interesting times.

Stay Strong and Take Care of One Another.

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Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas