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Carnival (photo: ~Oryctes~/flickr)

The coffee’s freshly ground, there’s a wide variety of teas and the sticky buns are homemade.

Today is Fat Tuesday.

  • “European finance ministers appeared last night to be on the brink of a deal to grant Greece another multibillion-euro bailout and stave off the threat of a potentially disastrous default next month.”
  • “The Spanish government said today it would send military cargo transport planes to Florida to collect 17 tons of sunken treasure that were salvaged by American undersea explorers, according to The Associated Press. The deep-ocean shipwreck experts at Odyssey Marine Exploration were ordered Friday to hand over the silver coins and other artifacts by Tuesday, the AP reported.”
  • “Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s political party has warned that by-elections may not be fair because of restrictions on campaigning. National League for Democracy (NLD) spokesman Nyan Win said they face ‘many difficulties’, such as getting approval to use public venues for rallies.”
  • “The Syrian army dispatched tanks and reinforcements towards the resistance stronghold of Homs yesterday as Red Cross negotiators tried to broker a ceasefire so that emergency aid could be sent to areas wracked by fighting.”
  • “Yemenis will vote today to elect a new president. And for the first time since the nation’s unification in 1990, the name of Ali Abdullah Saleh, against whom vast numbers of the population have fought a bloody 12-month battle to oust, will not appear on the ballot paper.”
  • “The US and Mexico have agreed to work together to develop deep-water oil and gas fields that straddle their maritime border in the Gulf of Mexico. The deal was signed at a meeting of the G20 group of industrial and developing countries in Los Cabos, Mexico.”
  • “The journey to Fukushima Daiichi begins at the border of the 12-mile exclusion zone that surrounds the ruined nuclear complex, beyond which life has frozen in time. Weeds reclaim the gardens of empty homes along a route that emptied on a bitterly cold night almost a year ago. Shop signs hang unrepaired from the huge quake that rattled this area on 11 March, triggering the meltdown of three reactors and a series of explosions that showered the area with contamination. Cars wait outside supermarkets where their owners left them in Tomioka, Okuma and Futaba – once neat, bustling towns. Even birds have deserted this area, if recent research is to be believed.”
  • “Presidential campaigns and outside political groups were filing detailed financial reports Monday, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the identities of wealthy supporters who will help elect the next US president and details on how tens of millions of campaign dollars have been spent. Reports released Monday show a Super Pac backing Republican Mitt Romney raised more than $6m last month.”
  • “New technology to help blind people text using touchscreen mobile devices has been developed. Researchers at Georgia Tech produced the app – to be made available on Apple and Android devices – based on the Braille writing system.” Far out.
  • “A team of Russian scientists announced Monday that they had succeeded in growing a plant from a fruit stored away by squirrels in permafrost over 30,000 years ago.”
  • Carnival. Does Rio know how to rock, or what?

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.

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