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Occupy the Blog! (2/20/2012)

You might have seen the post from Jane Hamsher inviting folks to the Tent Party on Saturday at Occupy Delaware. Here’s a slideshow from the event:

Sure looks like the folks had a spot of fun, even though it also looks to have been a bit cold.

Since the last Occupy the Blog! we’ve received a number of reports from around the country; some with good news, some with not-so-good news; but all showing dedication and industry.

In the not-so-good news side of things, tobiasfox gave us the report on the eviction of Occupy Newark and a report on how Occupy Newark spent a $10K donation from #OWS and followed those with a report on sustainability:

People around the world are pushing for alternative energy as a means of becoming a more sustainable human society and we plan to show people how to do this at a minimal cost.

Under the guidance of electrical engineer Damian de Caires, people joining this working group will not only become more informed about alternative energy, but will also become technicians and assist with getting as many people off the grid as humanly possible.

From Occupy Nashville, we received reports from kyushukev as ON waits to be evicted, rallies for support, and waits some more to be evicted.

While we reported on the eviction of Occupy Buffalo a couple of weeks ago, we are still getting reports from them. First up is a report on Occupy Buffalo and the Erie County Industrial Development Agency:

Occupy Buffalo has been attending the Erie County Industrial Development Agency (ECIDA) board meetings for several months. These meetings are used to distribute corporate welfare mostly to companies that are already making a profit for projects that they would do with or without a tax abatement (tax break).

On 2/13 we made the local news for multiple mic checks which demanded an immediate moratorium on all tax abatement deals until the ECIDA holds a town hall meeting to create a process for evaluating which companies qualify for tax incentives.

This was followed by a second report from Occupy Buffalo on a statement from local religious organizations condemning the eviction of Occupy Buffalo:

Buffalo had a national reputation for its dealings with its branch of the Occupy movement. The Mayor boasted that Buffalo was one place that had “done it right” with regards to the Occupy movement. That ended at 2:00 am on February 3rd when excessive force was used and needless destruction occurred at the peaceful Occupy Buffalo Site.

It hasn’t all been bad news by any means. We received a report from Eclair on Occupy Littleton and its growth. Sonja Ebron reported on Occupy Tampa with a lot of good pictures:
Occupy Tampa Pic 17 from Sonja E
For example. And don’t let the picture of folks in shorts throw you. The temperatures in the Tampa area the days after Sonja posted were below freezing for a couple of nights.

Firedancer invited us to the Occupalooza! at Occupy Traverse City and gave us a quick diary with links to local blog coverage of the event here.

Finally, we have a report on #OccupyMonterey from pcvcolin:
Occupy Monterey Pic 7 from Colin G
Occupations are still on-going all over the country and even where the physical occupation may have ended, Occupiers are continuing to work to make change.

Please continue to provide reports at MyFDL on the activities and actions at the various occupations. Good news or bad, we want to hear from folks with as many first hand accounts as we can get.

Please DONATE to the Occupy Supply fund if you can. It is donations from people like you that allows Occupy Supply to help the Occupations survive the cold.

If you miss anything Occupy related, please check the Occupy Supply Headquarters page where you can find links to the most recent top Occupy related posts and diaries from the last few days, the links to the slideshow of pictures we’ve received, videos on Occupy Wall Street from around the web and the FDL Occupy Wall Street archives.

This link is to a HowTo: FDL Citizen Journalism in case you want to write a diary for your local efforts (or just wish to write a diary at MyFDL for whatever topic you choose). Keep us informed as you fight the power!

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