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Help Combat Deficit Fear Mongering

The deficit fear mongers were out in full force last week.  The Obama Administration’s 2012 Budget is no where near progressive, and yet the CONservatives and NeoLiberals were out trying to scare the hell out of everyone about the Natl ‘Debt’.

The fact is that deficit fear mongering works because almost no one has a clear understanding of the issue.  The ‘experts’ we see on television usually serve only to make matters worse.

Please sign this petition asking Cenk Uygr of the Young Turks to please invite Professor Bill Mitchell to be a guest on his program.  Professor Bill Mitchell’s website is a real wealth of information about fiat economies and issues like a nation’s debt, etc.  For anyone wanting to get answers about deficit spending please read this post by Bill Mitchell: Deficit Spending 101

Thanks for your time and attention.

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