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Adding to the Keystone debate

Came across this and noticed that the only ‘mainstream’ news pickup was by the Canadian Huffpost and netwise news wise was DemUnderground via a google search.

Seems the EU and Canada are squaring off about the tar sands/oil sands that are to slosh their way from Canada to the Gulf Coast for refining and they sold on the open market.

(Someone tell me again why the U.S. is still exporting oil products and oil?)

“Canada has threatened a trade war with European Union over the bloc’s plan to label oil from Alberta’s vast tar sands as highly polluting, the Guardian can reveal, before a key vote in Brussels on 23 February.”

“The unveiling of Canada’s threats is the latest in a series of recent embarrassing revelations. On 12 February, the occurrence of a secret strategy “retreat” in London in 2011 was discovered. High-level officials discussed the “critical” issue of winning the tar sands argument in the EU, to “mitigate the impact on the Canadian brand” and to protect the “huge investments from the likes of Shell, BP, Total and Statoil”. Representatives of Shell, Total and Statoil attended the meeting alongside the UK’s state-owned Royal Bank of Scotland and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

“A Canadian government spokeswoman told the Guardian: “We oppose an FQD that discriminates against oil sands crude without strong scientific basis. The oil sands are a proven strategic resource for Canada; we will continue to promote Canada’s oil sands as they are key to Canada’s economic prosperity and energy security.”

The European Commission disputes the charge that its plans are not based on science. Hedegaard told the Guardian: “The Commission identified the most carbon-intensive sources in its science-based proposal. This way high-emission fossil fuels will be labelled and given the proper value. It is only reasonable to give high values to more polluting products than to less polluting products. I of course hope the member states will follow the Commission [and vote for] this environmentally sound initiative.”

Whole article is here

Bankers, politicians/technocrats, majors, generals, financial elites….someone should create new chess pieces for a chess game (and if someone does, please a little create for the idea :->) )

And Roger Erickson has this idea:

“We need a cartoon showing the 1% as a giant leech on Congressional steroids, sucking the life out of an enfeebled, skeletal 99%.

“But you’ll die with us!” say the 99%.

“Nah,” says the leech. “The boat to China isn’t so slow anymore. We think we can make it. Once there, we think we can do just fine without you.”

As Bill Black wrote “The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One”

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