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What if Monsanto was Nationalized and then Globalized?

What if all the Monsanto technology was distributed free, to every scientist in every country?

Monsanto is currently evil, no doubt. But it’s currently a capitalist adventure. The technology can be used for good.

Biotech is a mixed bag of nuts. Monsanto’s technology was developed with US taxpayer dollars during the Cold War. The technology belongs to the people. It is OURS,  and if we want to give it to other countries, we should be able to. And we could give that biotech info to every curious scientist across the globe!

Do you know how US Big AG  kills millions of people every year? Well, just making the technology free could solve that. Yes, the GM crops themselves have some health risks, but how safer would they be if every government on Earth had access to the technology and could properly test them?

Don’t buy into the “technology is bad” meme. Think bigger. Dream about a world where science is open to everyone and all knowledge about technology is free for the taking. Much of the US-funded scientific literature was opened to the public a few years ago. Scholar has most of it indexed now. Biotech, when it comes to crops, is a big dark spot – even though  it was engineered in the US with Gov funds. The present situation, where Monsanto controls the gov, is backwards. WE funded the Monsanto tech, and WE should take it back. And then WE should distribute the tech info freely to every nation on earth.

Scientists are part of the 99%. They are terribly underpaid. Yet they hold the key.

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