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US Military Continues to [Indirectly] Finance Iran’s Nuclear Program

US Military Continues to [Indirectly] Finance Iran’s Nuclear Program — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


First, remember this: Iran can never Nuke Israel, because Iran sits directly downwind from Israel via the Jet Stream upper-air current. To bomb Israel would be to poison itself.

The Bushbama Administration keeps rattling its saber toward Iran, just as it did toward Iraq, making the same accusations. WMD? BS!

The George W. Bush War Machine hit a bump in the road last decade when weapons inspector Scott Ritter blew the whistle on the fact that there weren’t any.

But by now we all know what the Barack Obama War Machine does to whistle-blowers. The Obama Machine stung Ritter within days of taking office. Scott Ritter is now locked up on a charge that is as likely trumped up as that against Julian Assange. (Ah, but this story’s not about the BO Admin’s recurring theme of prosecutorial misconduct – at least not mainly.)

It’s about economics. The US imports four million barrels of Oil every day. The US Military buys one-tenth that much every day. That makes the US Military the biggest buyer of Petroleum in the world, the driver of the pricing!

And every day, Iran produces over four million barrels of Oil, but only has refinery capacity for about a third of that. Iran is a poor country. It gets its money from Oil.

Without the Oil revenue, Iran cannot afford to build and operate Nuclear Plants. The day the US Military stops buying Oil, the price of Petroleum falls off the table forever. The day the United States stops buying Oil, Iran and Russia start losing strength.

The two biggest customer nations for Iran’s Oil are China and India, more than two billion people’s energy wants and needs. The next three biggest are Japan, South Korea, and Turkey. Presumably the US can force the price of Oil up and steal those customers at the same time.

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