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Report on Occupalooza-Updated

My favorite definition of occupy is this:  “Occupy: to engage the mind, energy and attention of…”

I am happy to report Occupalooza certainly engaged all three…it rocked! This education/entertainment event was sponsored by our local occupy group, Occupy Traverse City.

It is estimated that between 500-600 people attended the four hour event. Use of our venue was donated by the owners of The InsideOut Gallery. a rehabbed warehouse with both an art gallery and a concert space. Our posters hung above us, as well as covering the walls. The art gallery was filled with our information tables, video viewing lounge and refreshments. The concert space alternated great speakers with great bands. Sonic Bloom Recording not only arranged all the bands and sound, but premiered their 15 minute documentary of Occupy Traverse City. I will post a link to this documentary when it is available
Chris Savage, of Eclectablog, attended and blogged the event. His great summary is here.

All in all, it couldn’t have gone better. Next up…perhaps an Occupy Film Festival?

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