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John McCain Insults Poor Justice Alito, Who Must Now Boycott McCain’s SOTU

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A couple years back, President Obama was delivering his State of the Union speech.  With Justices of the Supreme Court sitting in front of him, Obama criticized their decision in Citizens United for the corrupting influence it would have on democracy and American election campaigns.  The cameras then caught Justice Alito seeming to say, “that’s not true!” Thoroughly offended, justifiably so Fox assured us, the good Justice has not attended a SOTU since.

And who can blame him? No one else in this town is ever held accountable.

Today on ABC’s This Week, in television’s 579th “exclusive interview” with John McCain, the man who would have been President if only the Supremes could have decided the matter as they did in 2000, essentially told Justice Alito and his buddies they shouldn’t bother coming to any SOTU if they don’t want to be called out.

Decrying the wonderfully edifying GOP negative campaign ads funded by SuperPACS, Senator McCain told Jake Tapper exclusively that the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United was “naive and ignorant.”   All I wanted at that moment was a shot of Supreme Court Justice Alito screaming at his tv, “that’s not true you %&#$@!”

A missed photo op.  Sigh.

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