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Janet Mock Honored As One Of The Grio’s 100 Most Influential In African-American Community

People Magazine editor and trans activist Janet Mock has been honored in Black History Month by The Grio as one of the one-hundred most influential in African-American community. Her honoree page up on The Grio is entitled TheGrio’s 100: Janet Mock, Changing Perspectives On Gender Nonconformity.

Here is what Janet Mock calls her “television debut“: being interviewed by MSNBC‘s Thomas Roberts:

Thumbnail link: Janet Mock interviewed by MSNBC's Thomas Roberts upon being honored as one of The Grio's one-hundred most influential in African-American community

Congratulations to Janet Mock for her being honored by The Grio. And too, many thanks to her for elevating the trans experiences of people of color with the telling of her own history; by emphasizing the importance of trans people of color sharing their personal stories.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen