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It’s All About the Love, Babeez.

Some of you may have already read that several weeks ago my 24 year old son and his girlfriend moved in with me, my husband and my 18 year old son. A real change for this household, in many small ways. Some of them really good changes.

But, this isn’t necessarily a Mom post, so if you are a person without children, I beg you to have no fear and read on.
This is about change and how we react to adjustments needing to take place. We are a country on the verge of Change. At any moment, something can happen that affects us all.

I have to share with you that when the Kids told us they needed to talk to us, there was a singular Oh! that shot through the room, but it wasn’t what we first thought. They just wanted to rent a room from us and move in. That meant that we needed to take my husband’s office out of the back bedroom and move it to our bedroom. It’s a squeeze, but it works. I’m sure some of you remember when Christy Hardin Smith moved her office elsewhere in her house to accommodate her father-in-law moving in. He’s passed on now, but the family must have some powerful memories of having shared the same roof for a while. And, so my family moves forward with five people here instead of the three it’s been for the past eight years.

A friend of mine, on hearing my news, told me that although he knows me to be a goodhearted person, that I would have to consider being even a bit more tolerant now. When people bring loved ones into their homes, they automatically have to compromise, think of the other, etc., blah blah. I have to admit I haven’t had to make any major sacrifices, except for having to look at power sources for computers and other parts on shelves in my room. But, the move has also been a gift of opportunities for me.

I think it’s natural for us human beings to fall into ruts in life. And, as time passes and we move through different phases of our lives, lose friends, lose jobs, lose what used to be, maybe we cling to the few knowns we still walk with through every day. And, isn’t it nice when something happens that shakes us loose and we get to experience new situations and maybe remember a little of life the way we remembered it or maybe even a new one?

Now, there is a Nintendo Wii set up in the living room attached to the television. That’s courtesy of The Girlfriend. And, when my younger son comes home from an eleven hour day, counting the time he spends on the bus, at school, he’s got that game system to play Zelda on. He stands in the living room and virtually slays, sword up, sword down, and runs and figures which way to go. It’s a nice break for him before dinner and then on to do homework.

My older son loves to cook and he and I prepare most meals together. I got bored with my same old, same old cooking so cooking with someone else has mixed up the menu and style. Fortunately, the new people in my home also like to eat wholesome, organic meals like we do. So, that’s a blessing. And, my son’s washing all the dishes. I’m not kidding.

So, this change that has happened has brought opportunities for me to rethink the way I live. Our country is going through the pains of change. We have to work together and that includes seeing everyone as being valuable and worthy. We can no longer live with lines drawn in the sand. Not every family has the luxury of everyone living in their own separate homes. I think in this regard we are having to share a more communal living perception and experience that mirrors the way the rest of the world has been managing for a long time.

I heard on the news that an increasing percentage of young adults are living with their parents. I know that there are many Firedoglakers who are taking care of their parents, whether in the same house or not, it’s still a new and different responsibility. Without going political on the subject, we are being faced with changes that some have said we need to face with austerity. But, I want to think of this as a chance to face our future with bigger hearts. I know that there are many reading this who have put time, money and effort into the Occupy Events. I know that there are people who face the future by rescuing animals and adopting them. They are sharing their love with those who need it.

How do we love? How do we care? How do we face changing situations?

Happy Saturday, everyone. Happy chance to sit and share our hearts and our stories.

Pull Up a Chair and tell me all about it.

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