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Occupy Nashville: Sitting in Limbo

Occupy Nashville 18 Feb 4

We’re gonna clean up this 1% town…

Sitting here in Limbo
Waiting for the dice to roll.
Yeah, now, sitting here in Limbo,
Still got some time to search my soul.
Meanwhile, they’re putting up a resistance,
But I know that my faith will lead me on

Jimmy Cliff

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.”
Mark Twain

Like a good neighbor, Occupy Nashville is still there, their days now numbering 135. And the spirit that occupies them is nothing if not resilient. Last Tuesday’s GA, I hate to admit, was a bit painful to watch as the frustration and tension of events caused some bitterness and rancor in the ranks; but they rebounded Thursday in fine fashion, handing out flowers to passersby and setting up a small tent in front of GA. What could this shift in mood be attributed to? [cont’d.]

Occupy Nashville 18 Feb 3

While HB 2638 passed in the House, it met some unexpected resistance in that chamber. Bill Howell reports

that Occupy Nashville received robust support from the 26 state representatives who voted against HB2638. We should thank them all and especially those who spoke so eloquently in defense of our First Amendment rights. They are Representatives Johnnie Turner, Mike Stewart, Mike Turner, Gary Odom, Johnny Shaw, Joe Towns, Craig Fitzhugh, Jimmy Naifeh and Michael McDonald.

The fireworks included these exchanges:

We give the Ku Klux Klan, as reprehensible as they are to me and I hope to you guys, they have the right to protest in this country,” House Democratic Caucus chairman Mike Turner said. “They were camping at Tiananmen Square and they put the tanks on them and they threw them out. Most of you would defend the right to carry a gun anywhere in the state. We’re going to carry guns everywhere in the state of Tennessee, but by God, you can’t camp.”

“When do you have to have a tent to protest?” asked Rep. Eric P Watson, R-Cleveland, the measure’s sponsor.

“When it’s cold,” shot back opponent Rep. Joe Towns, D-Memphis.

Democrats to be proud of. But unfortunately, they are a minority in the Legislature. The Senate deferred to vote on SB 2508 until next week (most likely Thursday, but it may happen as early as Tuesday), when ON will once again ask for your help with phone calls, emails, donations, and, as they say in Hawaii, your kokua. They plan on meeting that morning at about 8 am to greet the senators before the session, and then attend. The bill could still go before Governor Haslam that day, although he wants to run it by AG Robert Cooper before enforcing it.

Occupy Nashville 18 Feb 2

Besides dealing with the Constitutionally challenged, ON always has plans for a better world, including a potluck party this Sunday at Helen Bailey’s house at 3, participating both in a National Day of Action against corporations, and a Rally For Civil Rights, Labor Rights, and Human Rights 7 March.

Occupy Nashville 18 Feb 1

This Tuesday is Mardi Gras, and believe me, ON has something special in store for GA. Be there, or beware. The wit is ready to hit the fan.

Scenes from Occupy Nashville 14 & 18 Feb. Includes quotes from TN Legislative ‘debate’ about evicting ON. I think TN Democrats deserve a round of applause.
Song is “The River Runs,” by John Cruz, from his 1996 album, “Acoustic Soul.” If you like these videos, pass them on and show your local Occupiers some love.

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